MAFS ahead of Australian Idol, Survivor on Sunday.

Seven News defeats Nine News. 60 Minutes wins for Nine.

In Total TV National Audience numbers on Sunday night Married at First Sight averaged 1.55m viewers.

That was around double Australian Idol on 788,000.

From 7:30 it was Muster Dogs (773,000) and Australian Survivor (577,000).

Later 60 Minutes averaged 815,000 then Ron Iddles: The Good Cop (542,000), Total Control (420,000) and a double NCIS Hawaii (153,000 / 81,000).

Seven News won at 1.2m then Ron Iddles: The Good Cop on 542,000 and What the Killer Did Next (269,000).

Nine News averaged 1.03m and a late edition was 402,000.

ABC News was 817,000 with Silent Witness at 151,000 for ABC.

The Sunday Project was 323,000 with 10 News First at 311,000.

Ghengis Khan’s Mongolia averaged 204,000 for SBS. SBS World News (191,000 / 149,000), and Karnak: The Largest Temple in the World (159,000) followed.

National Total TV: Sunday 11 February 2024

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  1. Admittedly i only glance cursorily at the numbers, but how to explain the massive drop in numbers for Idol from last week? Weren’t the numbers around 1.3 or 1.5 million?

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