Vale: Judy Banks

Pioneering children's TV host, best known for Fredd Bear's Breakfast-a-Go-Go, has died.

Pioneering children’s TV host Judy Banks, best known for Fredd Bear’s Breakfast-a-Go-Go, has died.

She first came to prominence playing the juvenile lead in the ’50s stage musical “Salad Days” and quickly moved on to television with appearances in In Melbourne Tonight, Saturday Party, Personally Yours, Be My Guest, Musical Cashbox and hosting her own ABC series Four For The Show for four years.

On the madcap ATV-0 daily morning show Fredd Bear’s Breakfast-a-Go-Go she teamed with Ted Dunn, from 1969 – 1971, featuring Michael McCarthy and Colin McEwan.

Hosting studio segments, cartoons and competitions, the show built a fanbase of children who were all encouraged to take out show membership and win prizes. Wardrobe master Dunn has made the costume so large, he was the only person who could fit in it.

She also acted in roles on Homicide, The Flying Doctors, City Homicide, Dalkeith and Dreams for Life.

Banks later ran TV World, the Australian Museum of Modern Media, on the Mornington Peninsula with husband, producer Bob Phillips.

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