NCIS: Sydney to launch in 2023

First ever international series for NCIS is headed down under, for Paramount+ and Network 10.

NCIS: Sydney is being adapted for Paramount Plus Australia and Network 10 in a deal that marks the first international edition for the US juggernaut.

NCIS: Sydney will launch in 2023 and feature local stories with Aussie actors and producers. NCIS: Los Angeles creator, Aussie Shane Brennan, is attached.

Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President, ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand, Beverley McGarvey, said: “We are thrilled to welcome the inaugural international series of NCIS to Australian shores.

“It is such a privilege to be able to continue the legacy of such a wonderful show and incorporate the superior NCIS storytelling while introducing new Australian characters and locations. We can’t wait to get production underway.”

Angela Bishop on Studio 10 said, “NCIS as we all know, is one of the world’s most successful TV dramas, ranking as the number one US TV drama franchise globally. NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles and NCIS New Orleans have been seen in more than 200 markets worldwide and NCIS won the international audience award as the most watched TV series.

“It is absolutely huge news that they will now be an NCIS: Sydney the first series to be set and filmed outside the US. Production is going to commence later this year and it’s going to be filmed against our awe-inspiring, panoramic and spectacular backdrop of one of the world’s most breathtaking harbour cities Sydney. The fact that it’s a harbour city is important for the whole Navy part of it,” she said.

“Cast announcements will be made soon. It’s going to launch locally on Network 10 and Paramount+ but it’s also going to play internationally on Paramount+ from next year.

“So that’s Sydney going to the world with one of the best drama franchises ever.”

Shane Brennan added, “CBS Studios’ announcement today that Paramount+ will bring the NCIS franchise to Australia is a massive vote of confidence in the Australian industry. It means writers, directors, actors and crew will have the opportunity to showcase their talent producing an Australian version of a franchise that is recognised around the world.

“The series will have a uniquely Australian feel but will deliver all the drama and thrills of this franchise against the backdrop of our most recognised and iconic city.

“CBS Studios and Paramount+’s decision adds to Australia’s burgeoning reputation as being the place to make cost effective, high quality, writer-driven drama for a worldwide audience.”

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  1. Its great for Australian production but seriously, another NCIS spinoff? They have no ideas anymore. As for casting, well if they don’t cast an Aussie as the lead i don’t think it will work. Whats the point of an NCIS: Sydney if the cast is American. I can think of the cringe aussie accents coming if they do 😂

  2. Interesting idea. One I joked about ten years ago. JAG had episodes set in Japan, Indonesia (both obviously faked) and Australia. Plus with the increase in Marines in Darwin, plus military attachments at Pine Gap and the many exercises we do with the 7th fleet, I can see the story potential here.

  3. This is also great news to the drama industry in Australia and I got a few questions on this ,
    1 How many seasons does this show wants to have if they have good ratings?
    2 Is this show going to air on American TV?

  4. Long-time fan of NCIS (the original and only the original), but not sure about this one. Will of course definitely tune into the Pilot. Eager to see the cast, wonder of a big name from a current version or previous character could appear?

  5. Great news. People are always complaining there is too much reality and not enough drama on our TVs and look at this, we are getting a new drama series, woo hoo ! Lots of jobs for local industry and show off our beautiful Sydney Harbour too. I hope it all goes well.

    1. Would be odd for Mark Harmon to turn up since in the show he’s no longer an agent. Though interesting if Michael Weatherly wanted to relocate to Sydney given Bull has been cancelled by CBS

  6. The Hundred with Andy Lee (361,000), NCIS (187,000 / 118,000) – so – 10 has pretty much killed off NCIS. Don’t they run it something like 2×7 days on Bold + 2 on 10? so 16 eps per week. Somewhere in there is possibly one new episode, but who can be bothered chasing it? I see “Paramount+” mentioned several times. That is where it will end up after one episode, used as a promo, like CSI Hawaii.

    1. They will run the whole season on 10 but if it’s too hard to find, that’s OK, there is always Paramount+ which is the only way I watch neighbours anymore. Paramount+ is a bargain at $89 for the whole year including live sport, so if it does end up there like the Hawaii spin off, what’s wrong with that?

      The evidence is clear, hardly anyone watches TV live as it’s being broadcast anymore

        1. defence.gov.au/id/NCIS/Default.asp
          Not sure if this is to do with actual NCIS offices as such.
          Defence Infrastructure Division. This link seems to support new infrastructure for new sites and facilities around Australia. Navy based.

          Couldn’t find anything specific to an NCIS office as such.

    1. Love the analogy. And yes, I agree completely.

      NCIS used to be 10’s best performing (?) scripted drama, but nowadays, its pull is lower than what got Yasmin’s Getting Married axed in 2006. Yeah, yeah, changing viewing habits and all that, but I can’t imagine that there would be much of an audience left for procedurals when audiences have been spoiled with more engaging serial dramas via streaming/on demand.

      I really can’t see this working though. I suspect that it will be especially cringe-inducing as it desperately tries to replicate the captivating chemistry of the original NCIS line-up, and I doubt that taking the Are You Being Served Australia route by recruiting an NCIS alum to join the Aussie cast will be enough to entice lapsed fans.

      It certainly won’t surprise me if the show attracts bumper numbers at launch either, but whether audiences will stick around is another story. Either way, this is a surprisingly risky move by 10. I look forward to seeing how it turns…

  7. Slight problem-there is no Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) in our armed forces, which are a miniscule size compared to the USA with virtually no active deployment overseas beyond the odd bit of disaster relief these days.

    1. There are NCIS offices all around the world tho as the US Navy has staff deployed in many countries. The actual NCIS website lists field offices in Yokosuka Japan, Naples Italy, Juffair Bahrain, and Singapore. Smaller NCIS offices are located in 6 different Japanese cities, 3 different South Korean cities, 4 different Italian cities, London, Marseille, Crete, Spain, Romania, Djibouti, Dubai, Oman, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Perth Australia

        1. It’s been a long time since US navy ships have been regular visitors to Fremantle- for air and ground forces, Lancelin just up the coast was a regular live fire range but again not recently-the office would be attached to the consulate here in Perth.

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