Ouch. 10’s primetime trails breakfast TV.

Repeats at 7:30 put 10 behind Sunrise and Today. Home & Away tops entertainment as Seven wins Thursday.

There’s no getting around this…. 10’s primetime schedule was so low last night that it trailed breakfast television.

A Bondi Rescue replay drew a depressing 200,000 metro viewers at 7:30pm, ranking lower than Sunrise (222,000) and Today (216,000).

From there the numbers just went backwards… Territory Cops (162,000), Law & Order: SVU (153,000, 130,000). Presumably 10 is waiting for the Winter Olympics to wrap, with First Dates in next week and Gogglebox on the way… the only way is up?

Home & Away was the top entertainment show at 475,000 metro viewers last night.

From 7:30pm it was RBT (459,000), Winter Olympics (Evening: 447,000), 7:30 (439,000) and Foreign Correspondent (367,000).

Later Winter Olympics Night was 460,000 then Australia Behind Bars (423,000), and Q+A (223,000).

Winter Olympics Late drew 363,000.

Seven network won Thursday with 34.5% then Nine 27.3%, ABC 16.2%, 10 13.6% and SBS 8.4%.

Seven News was #1 at 865,000 / 854,000 for Seven. The Chase was 395,00 with 157,000 also in 3 cities.

Nine News was best for Nine at 792,000 / 719,000. A Current Affair was 567,000 then Hot Seat 386,000 / 265,000. A+E After Dark was 176,000.

ABC News won its slot at 635,000. The Drum (160,000) and The Princes and the Press (139,000) followed.

The Project –also in primetime- managed 309,000 / 197,000 for 10. 10 News First was 281,000 / 174,000.

On SBS it was Scenic Coastal Walks with Kate Humble (141,000), SBS World News (108,000 / 102,000), The Long Call (100,000), Death on the Common (58,000) and Mastermind (52,000).

Bluey led multichannels at 120,000.

Today Extra: 130,000 / 67,000
The Morning Show
: 95,000 / 47,000 in select cities
Studio 10: TBA

In Total TV numbers last Thursday were:
The Long Call: 434,000
Australia Behind Bars: 857,000
Home & Away: 999,000
Law & Order: SVU: 306,000
Foreign Correspondent: 516,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 17 February 2022

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  1. To quote many knowledgable people over the years who state the basic law that you can’t just turn around a tanker overnight – it’ll take years. However, 10 haven’t even made any meaningful changes even on the fringes that would even begin a turnaround. Viacom-CBS need to get more involved down under. They need to parachute a team of experienced & tested hitters from the USA and clean out most of the key Australian decision makers in all departments inc programming and most particularly the person at the top of the management tree. They need to get access to any successful CBS product on the other networks, so it’s available to be considered for beefing up a new schedule. Then start hiring a new local team of management under the US team’s supervision, with a take no prisoners attitude to performance and winning. Like 7 & 9 and the USA, commission event television including news & sports. It will take a big financial investment. Get rid of The Project as it’s a relic image of a…

  2. it might help ratings if they were more consistent with showing new episodes of factuals (eg Ambulance) but i realize this may havr been impacted by lack of epidoes due to covid, but at least let people know if they’re repeats.

    There are also several shows that whilst not top raters could be scheduled at better times than the early hours of the morning. US chat show The Talk is one, even the repeats of This Is Us i think could rate quite well at maybe 8 or 9.30pm instead of endless repeats of Bondi Rescue, NCIS etc, repeats of repeats!

  3. 10 always had an rating issue from 6 to 7.30pm. The Project, whilst may rate okish, just does not cut through and never has done. 10s 90 minute news is just to much news. 10s best era was wheb they had BB start at 7pm. Thats the key. Start prime time shows from 7pm not 7.30. Having said that make them run for 60 mins not 90. At 8pm have drama start so we audience can watch them at a reasonable time. The Project can air 6 to 7pm but reduce panel size to 3. Its needs to be more light entertainment and less news. More funny segments and less hard hitting news stories. If we wanted news we would watch Sky or ABC.

  4. One of the main problems with ten starts with their news – when you compare their sets to the likes of seven and ten, it looks like something I can produce from my house. The screen the weather is presented on (in Melbourne anyway), I think is smaller than most tvs these days.

    Return the news to one hour, project at six and bring back stripped reality at 7pm to get a head start on the competition.

    Alternatively, news at five. A (successful) game show at six as an alternative to other networks, the project then stripped reality.

    Fillers like Bondi Rescue also need to go. Once a popular Florine time show, barely even a show now with those ratings.

  5. Just picking some “The Project” dates at random –
    17 Aug 21 14 The Project 7PM Network 10 524,000
    18 Feb 21 12 The Project 7PM Network 10 442,000
    then 17 Feb 22 The Project 7PM Network 10 309,000
    – so a 30% drop from the same night last year.

  6. I cant help feel the panel took a sharp turn to the left when Lisa joined. I used to watch on and off but havnt watched for months now as i cant stand the left wing bias..just my view.

      1. And me. Used to love The Project but when Lisa is on a continuous rant about all women are saints and all men are evil and that is how she comes across and my wife agrees, the show is unwatchable and Carrie is starting to follow her. Someone needs to tell her to turn down the rhetoric or get rid before the show is axed as the ratings at the moment are atrocious.

  7. Ouch indeed for Ten. Bondi Rescue and Territory Cops are just filler programs these days and most factual shows are sadly just that.

    First Dates should improve 10’s shares by a bit, and once Gogglebox start, then should see some respectful numbers and shares.

  8. The most underwhelming start to the ratings year for 10 that I can remember….have they forgotten their linear TV business is still their main game? Can’t all be about P+. Survivor the only highlight, once you look at the 7 day figures. Has anyone noticed the Survivor promos now say “you have to watch it live”, and it seems a bit desperate.

  9. 10 has been a turkey for a long time
    Can’t see them improving broadly

    MasterChef and The Hackehelor/ette isn’t the solution…2 programs do not make a national network to bank on

  10. As the saying goes, go woke and you’ll go broke. Channel 10 is going around in circles of making bad after bad decisions. Just ditch The Project and put the Simpsons back on!

  11. Does Ten even care about their ratings. The Chief Content Officer And Executive Vice President Beverley McGarvey said The Project is to stay as it’s a vital program, despite its falling ratings. It wouldn’t fill confidence as an advertiser.

    1. The Project’s numbers are always lower during daylight saving time. They will creep up again, especially in Melbourne in a few months. It might not attract a lot of eyeballs, but it does attract the right eye balls and does well in the demos.

    1. Channel 10 need to pick a theme eg. News and Current affairs, Sport, Movies etc. 10 news Sydney, needs an authoritative newsreader. Hugh Riminton commands your attention as apposed to Sandra Sully who is goofy. Start with news Channel 10 and then pick a theme that doesn’t rely on re-runs of Bondi Rescue or Bull. CBS broadcast some good shows that are on other networks in Australia. Maybe stabling some of those and making some Australian dramas or shows in general at 10 might be a good start.

      1. It’s the Winter @l^mp!cs, which Ten can’t compete during and will be over in a few days. The fortnight will then be excluded from annual ratings figures and the calculation of advertising rates. Ten’s audience will improve when Master Chef or The Bachelor are on, there is nothing else they can do.

        1. This is a cop out, as there’s plenty they can do, they just don’t have the people capable of leading them to greener pastures. All their shows like Survivor and Bachelor are 25 year old franchises. They’re stale and no longer attract new eyeballs. What they broadcast is the cheapest, most boring content of all the 3 FTAs (and that’s not giving the other 2 a free pass either, they’re all pretty boring).

          To save 10 they need to commission something noisy outside the reality genre, get rid of the A league and get Big Bash back (and retool it) and most importantly, get rid of the chief decision makers who year on year, seem to be getting further and further out of touch with the viewing public.

          Here endeth the rant, but my once favourite channel has been gutted and as such I haven’t even turned on 10 in about 6 months. Sad really.

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