Celebrity Gogglebox set to return

Celebrity special will return later in 2022 to kick off next season.


Foxtel and 10 will screen more of Celebrity Gogglebox, following its debut earlier this month.

“We’ve committed to do that as an 11th episode of the next couple of seasons. I was really happy with how it happened,” said Wendy Moore, General Manager of Lifestyle channels.

Cast included Irwin Family- Bindi, Terri and Robert, Hamish Blake & Zoë Foster Blake, Dave Hughes & wife Holly Ife, Julia Morris & Nazeem Hussain, Celia Pacquola & Luke McGregor, Matt Preston & Lachy Hulme, Alex Perry, Joh Bailey & Cheyenne Tozzi.

“Not all the celebrities will probably be available all of the time. But they all really wanted to be part of it. So I think they’ll try as much as they can to make themselves available. It would be nice to have maybe a bigger pool of celebrities and then we can swap people in and out depending on who’s available.

“We’ll run it as the first episode. So one Celebrity special and then the normal 10 episodes of Gogglebox.”

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  1. Its a shame there are more. We didn’t like the last one. In our opinion, it didn’t hit the mark as well as the original does. Some of the celebrities were great others were not so good. Maybe fewer manufactured celebrities is what we need! I hope one of the other channels has something worth watching that night.

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