World’s most stupid Wheel of Fortune round

Words fail me.... and them.

They say it’s easier to play quizzes at home on the couch than in the TV studio.

But this segment on a Wheel of Fortune phrase really takes the cake.

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  1. There are some gems on YouTube, like “An Ace Of Kidneys” or “A Group Of Pill-Pushers”. Watch the reaction of the host on the latter, classic.

  2. It’s pretty clear the 1st guy knew the answer, but hitting a Bankrupt then Lose A Turn double-whammy prevented him from getting a chance to solve it (which he finally did on his third attempt).

  3. We need a free-to-air game show channel like Challenge in the UK. Plenty of content out there and can be monetized with advertising. Some of the biggest shows for ratings are The Chase and The Hot Seat so it would attract viewers.

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