Lego best in entertainment, Seven wins quiet Sunday.

AFL drives Seven to an easy win on long weekend. A switch-off after 8:30 suggests a lot of viewers headed to streaming.

Being a long weekend, numbers were low last night and there was quite a switch-off after 8:30pm, which suggests a lot of viewers heading to streaming platforms.

But AFL on Seven through to late ensured Seven took the crown.

Lego Masters was best in entertainment at 511,000 metro viewers followed by MasterChef Australia (442,000), Seven’s AFL (432,000 in 2 cities), Hey Hey it’s 100 Years (400,000 in 3 cities) and Grand Designs (379,000).

Later 60 Minutes won with just 311,000 while Barons debuted to only 186,000 for ABC then FBI (180,000/ 124,000).

Seven network easily won the night with a 34.6% share, then Nine 26.7%, 10 16.9%, ABC 13.3% and SBS 8.5%.

Seven News was #1 at 832,000. Border Security was 171,000 in 3 cities and movie: 1917 was 144,000 in 3 cities.

Nine News pulled 796,000 with a late edition at 178,000.

The Sunday Project was 260,000 / 186,000. 10 News First managed 196,000 / 145,000.

ABC News drew 516,000. Compass (136,000) and Life (105,000) followed.

On SBS it was Chernobyl: The New Evidence (144,000), SBS World News (142,000 / 98,000) and Secrets to Civilisation (124,000).

Insiders led multichannels at 151,000.

In Total TV viewers last Sunday Killing Eve was up 97% to 256,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 24 April 2022.

NB: OzTAM is yet to supply data for Saturday April 24 which will be posted later.

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  1. It seems to me that Barons is another victim of poorly-chosen titles. I have only just discovered what it is about, yet I had heard of it for a few weeks. The title gives no indication of the content, in fact it implies that it is just another story of suits doing deals.

    There seems to be a trend at the moment to give shows and movies single word titles that they hope will stick as memes, and yet give no clue to the subject.

    Having siad that, nothing trumps LegoMasters at the moment (except when my team is playing, which they weren’t) so the footy was the backup in the ads.

  2. Such a disappointing debut for Barons. Appalling ratings overall for free to air tv. Alarm bells must be ringing. What does the future hold if they can’t command audiences who’d rather pay to watch stuff not available for free?

  3. Hey Hey it’s 100 years won in all its markets last night beating Lego Masters in the city’s it aired. Once again a missed potential not airing Hey Hey nationally on a ordinary Sunday. Public holiday weekends shed viewers.
    Last nights special was surprisingly better then the first, didn’t seemed as rushed and time taken, although the first ten minutes seemed like it could e been similar to the first special.
    More laughs, more time spent on segments and clips etc with the knowledge there’s another two specials on the way.

  4. I stuck with Barons, I thought it was a bit to much drinking and so on for the first half, and then it started getting interesting. I hope it gets a better run next week as we all need Australian drama for our crews as well as our stars, with the demise of Neighbours I fear for Australian production crews.

  5. Interesting that viewers probably flocked to streaming after 8:30 (well, except for Melburnians who watched the footy). Viewers largely ignored a new drama series, Barons on the ABC. You can see why the commercial channels show reruns of Love Actually in prime time and streaming services don’t want a local content mandate – local drama series and movies are expensive to make and need a bumper audience to justify the spend. Too often, few people tune in.

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