The Baby

When an orphaned baby lands in her arms -literally- Natasha can't seem to get rid of it, in a new UK horror-comedy.

Natasha may be nudging 40 but while most of her friends have become, or are becoming, young mothers, a child is the last thing she wants.

And certainly not a crying, attention-seeking baby with an extraordinary output of poo and vomit.

She’d rather down a few more pints and go clubbing thanks.

But an isolated getaway changes everything when an orphaned baby lands in her arms -literally- with no explanation (I don’t really want to spoil how). It’s all part of the wild and kooky premise of The Baby, a new UK horror comedy from HBO and Sky.

Like it or not, Natasha finds herself challenged with responsibility and no hope of reuniting the child with his mother. But the weirdness doesn’t end there with a dead body count starting to accrue in a comedy of errors only outranked by Final Destination.

Whenever she tries to part ways with the baby strange incidents begin to occur, or somebody else expires. All the while, the blank expression on the infant’s face screams innocence, or the devil incarnate -take your pick.

Even Natasha’s friends, most of whom are monstrous mothers themselves, behave as if she’s been a mother to the child all along. Wait, what?

And of course there’s the horrendous ritual of changing nappies -be warned it’s poo for days- and assorted responsibilities of sleeping, feeding and more. The Baby is Natasha’s worst nightmare, but your next binge delight.

In the lead role Michelle de Swarte (The Duchess) is delightfully obstinate and antagonistic, which makes for a refreshing lead character. Directors Nicole Kassell and Stacey Gregg have captured some priceless shots of the toddler in ludicrous scenes, from which de Swarte bounces off beautifully.

Episodes co-created by Siân Robins-Grace and Lucy Gaymer are also just 30 minutes, making this a very easy, and very bonkers, entertainment.

The Baby premieres 8pm Monday on FOX Showcase / Binge.

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