Seven hits the right note on Sunday

The Voice & Adele special win timeslots for Seven. New ABC drama Barons struggles in its second outing.

The Voice continues its reign in the reality battle last night drawing 768,000 metro viewers.

That was easily ahead of Lego Masters (652,000), MasterChef Australia (460,000 from 7:30pm), Grand Designs (409,000 from 7:40pm).

Later An Audience with Adele led at 483,000 then 60 Minutes (456,000), FBI (223,000 / 151,000), but ABC’s Barons is struggling at just 148,000.

Seven network won Sunday with 33.3% then Nine 28.4%, 10 17.2%, ABC 12.7% and SBS 8.4%.

Seven News was #1 at 957,000. Billy Connolly: My Absolute Pleasure replayed to 169,000.

Nine News (847,000) was best for Nine with a late edition at 220,000.

The Sunday Project was 341,000 / 219,000 for 10. 10 News First drew 223,000 / 182,000.

ABC News was best for ABC at 542,000. Compass was 139,000 with Life at 93,000 -last in its slot.

On SBS it was SBS World News (198,000 / 145,000), Edward VIII: Britain’s Traitor King (161,000), Secrets to Civilisation (133,000) and Expedition Bermuda Triangle (97,000).

Insiders led multichannels at 161,000 on ABC News.

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

Barons: 426,000
Lego Masters:  1.13m
FBI: 331,000
MasterChef Australia: 772,000
Hey Hey it’s 100 Years: 701,001 (3 cities)

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 1 May 2022

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  1. Insiders – a good show with a credible host (what a great pick up for the ABC a few years back and a massive loss for Sky News Aus)… meaning no other FTA or pay network really has anything close to Insiders – so during elections they’re struggling to be serious players (if at all) in the analysis/debate space.

    ABC drama: I wonder if reappraisal needed on playing out relatively big investments in home-grown drama by ABC on Sunday at 8.30pm – given that’s generally slap-bang in the ratings ‘heat’ of arguably often the most competitive night of most ratings weeks…? .

    Noting that sadly Aussie-made dramas are increasingly rare these days… Seven and Nine have almost given up, it seems and when both make them they often are mini-series or specials rather than series/serials; Ten seem to have actually given up and Neighbours about to end; SBS regrettably aren’t funded to make many and they tend to be more niche [not necessarily for the worse though] and scheduled late evening.

  2. The SBS Edward VIII doco was very odd-don’t know if it was edited by them to fit in ads into an hour, but it ended abruptly and didn’t flow very well, leaving out many events that were apposite to the story-the Titanic doco a few weeks ago was similarly perfunctory and appearing cut as well.

  3. I’m surprised ABC commissioned Barons and run in in their prime time Sunday night slot. It’s just a soap, it’s more like Neighbours, and i think the numbers reflect audience disappointment. Hopefully it won’t put other networks off commissioning more Aussie drama

    1. I watched it on iview as I was watching other stuff and it was quite enjoyable.It goes for 8 episodes and that is a little too long. Maybe people did not want to give up so much of their time on a show about surfies.

  4. Sunday was a quality show. Kerry Packer loved his Current Affairs and it showed. I don’t think any commercial network would be capable of taking on Insiders but I would like to see a nightly election show leading up to the election.

  5. It’s good to see the ABC promoting Aussie drama such as Troppo and Barons. But the ratings for these have been poor (e.g. compared with pretty old repeats of Vera, which was getting 500,000 viewers in the same time slot).
    So you can see why streaming giants don’t want mandated Aussie content. Australians claim they want more Aussie drama but don’t actually watch it in sufficient numbers. That’s the (sad but) commercial reality.

    1. I don’t necessarily disagree with your point, but context is king. I may be proven wrong on figures alone, but my memory suggests ‘The Newsreader’ and ‘Fires’ did much better. Are they simply 2 better series? I’d answer “yes”. More than that, they are based on topics/storylines that I think the average Aussie viewer would appreciate more. I also think ‘Troppo’ was poorly promoted, since it began before I even knew it existed. ‘Barons’ – at least on paper – seems to have a narrow target audience imo and seems a strange choice for ABC.

      1. Nearly Two-thirds of Baron’s audience was iView, DVRs or the Saturday night repeat. The ABC put little money into Baron’s and makes nothing whether it rates 0 or 1m, unless they are flogging ugly yellow and white boardshorts though their online shop. Fires was of a similar quality, with poor special effects. It rated well nationally because it did well in the regions, as farmers attract little attention from ABC dramas.

  6. Barons is a flop. Thought on the bright side for ABC is Insiders. Incredible results for a morning show solely focused on politics! I guess traditionally it spikes during election campaigns, nonetheless to be outstripping most primetime programming with that subject matter is remarkable. Makes you wonder why commercial networks haven’t sought to capitalise on its success by creating a rival replica program given there is a sizeable audience clearly with an appetite for it and lead in benefits Weekend Sunrise and Today offer. I suppose they abandoned Sunday and Meet the Press so maybe it’s all too hard.

    1. Weekend Today for the past few months has Chris Ulhmann doing interviews at 8am followed by a couple of political reports in a panel style review

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