Seven News apologises after wrong identifying ‘COVID conman’

Seven News Melbourne last week was forced to apologise to a man it wrongly identified as stealing $180,000 from a Victorian COVID support fund.

Media Watch last night reported Seven’s story on the “COVID Conman” came with footage of horse coach and trainer Alistair McLean it wrongly identified as conman Jackson Stern.

Peter Mitchell told viewers, “…we mistakenly included images of Alistair McLean of McLean Sport Horses. Mr McLean and his business are not connected in any way with Jackson Stern or the criminal charges against him. We apologise for our error in including those images.”

The story last Wednesday was even repeated nationally that night on Seven’s The Latest.

“And that was after McLean had contacted the network to complain,” ABC’s Paul Barry revealed.

“Sadly, this is not the first time Seven has screwed up.

“Late last year it had to apologise to this man for wrongly identifying him as the driver who hit and killed a 17-year-old boy in Casula.

“Two months later they apologised to this man for wrongly identifying him as the person who abducted Cleo Smith.”

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  1. I remember the 7 story about the horse trainer, it was quite detailed & lengthy for the 6pm slot, not just a brief mention. So it would’ve involved a fair bit of research, one wonders then how they could stuff up so badly.

    However i don’t remember the apology, which would not be uncommon, mud has a tendency to stick. If i hadn’t of tuned into Media Watch i would not have even realized they had the wrong person. And so i hope the man involved sues Seven for as much $ as possible over this monumental mistake, it maybe the only way they learn.

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