Bluey beats reality shows, MasterChef tops entertainment.

Bluey outranks Celebrity Apprentice & Big Brother on Tuesday. Nine just clinches the night.

Who says kids don’t watch Kid’s TV?

A brand new Bluey has outranked reality shows on Seven and Nine.

A morning screening drew 464,000 -higher than most primetime shows – with a further 309,000 for an early evening replay.

But it was MasterChef Australia which topped entertainment at 572,000 metro viewers. That was ahead of 7:30 (481,000), Celebrity Apprentice (416,000), Big Brother (356,000) Space 22 (207,000) and Great British Railway Journeys (186,000).

Later The Cheap Seats led on 383,000 then Matt Wright’s Wild Territory (216,000), The Good Doctor (204,000), and Insight (192,000).

An early morning Socceroos victory yesterday averaged 135,000 in metro.

Nine network won Tuesday -just- at 27.1% then Seven 27.0%, 10 21.3%, ABC 15.2% and SBS 9.4%.

Nine News (929,000 / 905,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (684,000) and Hot Seat (462,000 / 310,000). Nine News Late was 161,000.

Seven News was #1 at 995,000 / 933,000 for Seven then The Chase (563,000 / 339,000) and Home & Away (489,000). The Rookie was 121,000.

The Project drew 396,000 / 292,000 for 10. 10 News First was 325,000 / 219,000. NCIS was 151,000.

ABC News pulled 598,000 for ABC. The Drum (181,000) and Our Brain (124,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (159,000 / 125,000), Dateline (95,000), Mastermind (93,000) and The Feed (40,000).

Sunrise: 224,000
Today: 193,000
News Breakfast: 114,000 / 63,000

In Total TV numbers last Tuesday were:

The Rookie: 390,000
Big Brother: 793,000
Celebrity Apprentice: 703,000
MasterChef Australia: 874,000
Ithaka: A Fight to Free Julian Assange: 342,000
Insight: 311,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 14 June 2022

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  1. It seems to me…most of the shows on these ratings post…are always the same…reliable shows…that start on time and are always in the same time slot….like news…game shows etc….because that is what people want…⁉

  2. if the networks didn’t insist on splitting hairs and hour long news, then Bluey would have cracked the top ten.
    Back to my gripe on the separate coding, they choose to make an hour long news and fill it with today tonight segments (whenever I see the latter half), so accept the one average. I always skip the top 4 as I find them irrelevant, clearly not advertisers.
    Anyway, Well Done to the Aussie cartoon makers.

  3. As a big classic cartoon fan ( I have a huge collection, mostly from the US as the shows I grew up with aren’t available here), Bluey hasn’t been on my radar, but I must check it out to see what all the hype is about.

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