Gruen, The Weekly top entertainment.

ABC's hour too strong for the competition. State of Origin booms in Total TV numbers.

ABC’s hour of power from 8-9pm was tops in entertainment last night.

Gruen led entertainment shows at 619,000 metro viewers, ahead of MasterChef Australia leading older demos (554,000), 7:30 (524,000), Celebrity Apprentice leading younger demos (439,000) and Big Brother (337,000).

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering also won at 557,000 then Travel Guides (359,000), You Can’t Ask That (310,000), The Front Bar (263,000) and Five Bedrooms (236,000).

New Bluey was huge again at 418,000 / 197,000 -and State of Origin has boomed to 2.96m in Total TV numbers.

Nine network won Wednesday with 29.1% then Seven 24.6%, ABC 19.1%, 10 18.6% and SBS 8.7%.

Nine News (803,000 / 795,00) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (592,000) and Hot Seat (428,000 / 266,000). The Latest was 186,000. Footy Classified drew 91,000 across the network.

Seven News was #1 at 926,000 / 880,000 for Seven. The Chase scored 556,000 / 369,000 with Home & Away (475,000).

ABC News pulled 592,000 for ABC. Would I Lie to You? (214,000) and The Drum (171,000) followed.

The Project drew 380,000 / 293,000 for 10. 10 News First was 325,000 / 248,000. Good Sam debuted to 101,000.

The Queen & Her Prime Ministers (164,000) was best for SBS then Tony Robinson: WWII by Drone (142,000), SBS World News (138,000 / 114,000), Mastermind (97,000) and New York Super Airport (74,000).

Sunrise: 211,000
News Breakfast: 135,000 / 57,000
Today: 191,000

In Total TV numbers last Wednesday were:

Big Brother: 686,000
Gruen: 888,000
You Can’t Ask That: 468,000
MasterChef: 715,000
State of Origin I: 2.96m

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 15 June 2022

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  1. Yes..I was in older demo, MasterChef Australia…I dip in and out of Celeb. Apprentice….also watched 5 Bedrooms👌…I cannot get my head around why more people do not watch 5 Bedrooms…it is soo good.

  2. Isn’t it curious how shows with surely the lowest budgets – quiz and panel shows with no large prizes (maybe a plastic mug or a few dollars once or twice a month) or no prizes at all – The Chase. HYBPA?, Cheap Seats, Hard Quiz, The Weekly, Gruen – way out rate the hugely expensive primetime offerings of 7 and 9? While channel surfing last week I paused, momentarily, at 9 for what seemed to be an endless Subway commercial, and at juvenile bad acting and fakeness on Seven’s current #19 dross (with fewer viewers than afternoon quiz shows and Bluey). Seems costly productions and high ratings are polar opposites.

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