Party at Seven’s Palace on Sunday

Despite offering earlier broadcasts across Sunday, Nine couldn't match primetime numbers for Seven's jubilee concert.

Sunday was a crowning glory for Seven with Platinum Party at the Palace drawing 825,000 metro viewers -bigger than The Voice finale a week earlier.

The spectacular show with Queen, Diana Ross, Andrea Bocelli, Alicia Keys and even Australia’s Jason Donovan saturated Sunday viewing.

Nine offered alternate broadcasts, one of which was head to head with Seven on 9GEM in Sydney & Brisbane, and others daytime on Nine in Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth and even Live early morning. But Nine could only average 141,000 rpt / and 119,000 Live at the super-duper early time of 4:30am.

Seven’s primetime play was well ahead of MasterChef Australia (504,000), Celebrity Apprentice (388,000) and Grand Designs (382,000).

Later 60 Minutes was low at 330,000 then a late night repeat of The Queen Unseen (317,000) and NCIS: Hawaii (218,000).

Seven network easily won Sunday with 38.8% well ahead of Nine’s 24.9%, 10 16.7%, ABC 12.5% and SBS 7.1%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.05m.

Nine News drew 899,000 with a late edition at 221,000.

The Sunday Project pulled 332,000 / 251,000 on 10 with 10 News First at 243,000 / 197,000. FBI was 100,000.

ABC News was 514,000 for ABC.  Compass (171,000), Antiques Roadshow (170,000), Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (132,000) and Barons (115,000).

On SBS it was SBS World News (189,000 / 109,000),  Death In The Tower: King Richard (103,000),  Elizabeth Into The Storm (96,000) and Naples: Under The Volcanic Threat (58,000).

Insiders led multichannels at 147,000.

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

Celebrity Apprentice: 675,000
MasterChef Australia: 799,000
Insiders: 762,000
The Voice: 1.39m
Voice from the Dead: 256,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 5 June 2022

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  1. Well I loved the Palace Party. Wonderful to see all the thousands of happy faces, people just having fun for a change. No politics or complaining about this, that or anything, just fun. Who cares who was miming or sounding bad or good or whatever. just fun! I thought the light show on Buck Palace was great, especially the fire with Alicia Keys!

  2. I quite enjoyed the Platinum Party At The Palace. Not everything was to my taste but I think that’s the point, the show was designed for a broader audience to stoke a wide interest. I’m actually shocked it has rated so well. Although once again it shows Australians admiration for The Queen. Highlights, the Paddington Bear sketch gave many a tear, it was beautiful. Queen (the band) and Diana Ross where on point, even if it looked questionable that DR was miming. Craig David was also a good edition for someone around my age.
    It was a good show. Would love to see something like this bring people together in Australia it was quite the spectacle to watch.

  3. I heard the start of the palace party on the radio live. It began with a cringeworthy segment featuring Paddington bear which was just shocking. It sounded terrible, like the soundtrack to a dreadful movie. When I heard that I decided not to bother watching it on TV. On the TV news they showed clips from it and it was even more awful than it was on the radio.

    1. The Paddington sketch was one of the most charming things on TV in years and the Queens acting has improved significantly since her stint as a Bond girl. However I suspect that really would not have worked on radio at all.

      The concert overall though was one of the best events put on in Britain since the London 2012 Opening Ceremony. Just two and a half hours of pure joy and a concert that just flowed from one act to the next, rather than staggered with numerous unnecessary hosts between the acts.

      Quite surprised Seven and Nine had the rights – thought it was something the BBC had sold on an exclusive basis to other broadcasters.

  4. This has been said to death, but MasterChef would rate so much better on a Sunday with a 7pm start on the back of the other stations news….

  5. Watched it on Nine on Sunday morning and it wasn’t great. Why have the Royal Ballet on stage when they were projecting the Queen’s image on the Palace & why have Diana Ross lip synching. Where were the Commonwealth’s artists. No one except Jason Donovan from Australia, Canada, NZ etc

  6. Well sevens easy win is a surprise. One would expect nine to win this week with SOO on Wednesday but a 14 point overnight win could make it surprisingly close. David, do you no longer report on weekly wins as it could change with the 7day results (or did I simply miss the article this week)?

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