Neighbours finale tops TV ratings

873,000 metro viewers becomes the biggest Neighbours audience since 2009.

Last night Australia said thank you to Neighbours by giving the show a huge send-off as the #1 show of the night.

The finale went out with a massive 873,000 metro viewers and led the demos across two channels.

That becomes their biggest episode since 2009, as soap history and a pop-culture moment proved irresistable. The sheer volume of media stories internationally and the electric buzz on social media meant cast and crew were given the send-off they deserved and viewers adored the final scenes.

Neighbours effectively doubled the competition with 7:30 (484,000), an extended Home & Away (429,000 / 346,000) and Foreign Correspondent (347,000).

Thursday Night NRL drew 354,000.

Nine network led the night with 26.7%, then Seven 24.8%, 10 24.0%, ABC 16.1%, SBS 8.5%.

Nine News won at 855,000 / 832,000 as did A Current Affair (624,000) then Hot Seat (470,000 / 287,000). In various cities were Paramedics (179,000) and RBT (157,000).

Seven News was at 834,000 / 833,000. The Chase won with 485,000 / 291,000 with The Front Bar on 375,000.

The Project pulled 438,000 / 274,000. 10 News First was 296,000 / 234,000 and a repeat of Brain Eisteddfod (261,000).

ABC News drew 597,000 for ABC. Louis Theroux (185,000) and The Drum (157,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (123,000 / 103,000), The Sean Connery Paradox (118,000), Billion Pound Bond Street (101,000), Death Of An Icon: Marilyn Monroe (90,000)

The Adventures of Paddington topped multichannels at 110,000.

The Morning Show: 116,000 / 73,000
Today Extra: 91,000 / 60,000
Studio 10: 27,000 /

Total TV numbers for last Thursday are here.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 28 July 2022

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  1. Are 10 giving it an encore screening as well?

    I did wonder when they news was annoucned whether 10 could make it work on the main channel as one or two hour long editions on Wed/Thu given how most the reality franchises are now three nights a week. Although these ratings are great in the context of where ratings are nowadays I also suspect the conclusion is they probably couldn’t.

  2. The ‘Foreign Correspondent’ 30th anniversary special deserved a larger audience, but at least it’ll get a few repeats over the next week.

  3. Great send off for Neighbours. First time i have watched in probably 30 years. Guy Pearce goes up another notch in my mind. Always the actor not the star. How good was he and Annie Jones. Kylie was disappointing. Charlene was such a big Character. Wonder why she played such a small role. Whether she just wanted to do a small cameo or was not scripted to do much. I read on News.com that it was because her accent is too British now. But i remember her Aussie Kath and Kim accent when she appeared on that show, and she is an actress.

  4. Very good numbers for the last episode of Neighbours.
    Neighbours used to rate well even through to 2009. However, in late 2009, the ratings have started its decline. The day when Neigbhours moved to 11 during the Ten News Revolution, was the day when 10 went downhill. 10’s treatment of the show has been dreadful with limited promotion in the past 11 years and chopping and changing programs in its 6-6:30 timeslot. Personally, I feel that 10 has made very bad decisions over the past decade and cutting a lot of long-time running programs.

    1. The News Revolution was initially a failure but at the time 10 was being killed at 6-7pm by the 9 & 7 News/Current Affairs and having lost the AFL, was having trouble establishing any sort of evening line-up going. Eventually The Project at 6:30pm worked for them and helped them keep Master Chef and The Bachelor sucessful and get the BBL. Neighbours was rating half what Home and Away was by 2004 and continued to decline. It was Fremantle is who benefited from Neighbours overseas sales, 10 only benefited by negotiating a lower per episode fee for it on 11, where CBS, soon to become Viacom, was picking up half the cost., and eventually pick up all Ten by convincing the judge that a fictious value for their output deal with Ten was worth more than the entire network. In a few years Home And Way will have become Australia’s longest and higher rating soap, heavily subsided by Viacom through Channel 5.

      1. I was very sorry for10 in 2011. Back in late 2010, they announced they will increase its news output & move Simpsons & Neighbours to 11 in respective timeslots. Sadly their strategy has failed. When Lachie Murdoch & the board joined 10 (replacing Grant Blackley), they did catastrophic damage to 10 by axing ONE HD as sports channel. Not to mention that 10 axed Video Hits, Sports Tonight & the AFL, some news and lost a lot of presenters. This was the reason why 10 imploded in 2011 and hence they stopped being a competitive network. I was very worried that Neighbours will not return to 10. They axed George Negus in October and extended the project to 1 hr from 630. 10 has chopped and changed shows in 6pm timeslot since 2011. Chopping and changing programs won’t help the ratings. Otherwise they will struggle. Personally, i think that 10 has given up its 6pm timeslot in late 2012. they simply don’t have enough momentum to sustain the ratings in the timeslot.

      2. Pertinax-it’s been apparent for a while that rational explanation doesn’t get through to the fans (a contraction, as we know, for ‘fanatics’).

  5. With those ratings, you have to have to why 10 did do a behind the scene special to the finale afterwards cause people would have stuck around for an extras 30-60 mins. In the UK, there a special to air after the finale there and The Neighbours twitter has put up some good stuff in recents days with it and even on here the work you have done with the articles this week have been excellent to give the show the send off it deserves. A missed opportunity.

    1. Because 10 were far more interested in promoting a repeat of a current ongoing local program than looking to a now ended show-no repeats currently listed for the finale and that says a lot.

  6. That’s decent to hear. Its sad they weren’t able to make Neighbours go on forever as I thought it would. I guess you can still have hope but I just hadn’t thought it would ever really end.

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