The Block, Paying Attention lead entertainment & Monday demos.

MKR ahead of Masked Singer. Seven News, ACA, The Chase all winners. Nine claims Monday.

The Block‘s bumper run continued last night topping entertainment and older demos with 805,000 metro viewers.

That was well ahead of 7:30 (581,000), Back Roads (520,000), MKR (513,000) and The Masked Singer (445,000 rising to 526,000 for the reval of Zombie).

Have You Been Paying Attention? won its slot at 627,000 and led younger demos then Four Corners (445,000), Media Watch (413,000), and Emergency (354,000).

Nine network won Monday with 28.8% then Seven 25.7%, 10 19.7%, ABC 18.6% and SBS 7.2%.

Nine News was 856,000 / 840,000 for Nine. A Current Affair led its slot at 697,000 then Hot Seat 398,000 / 246,000. In select cities were Footy Classified (147,000) and 100% Footy (57,000).

Seven News was #1 with 985,000 / 962,000. The Chase won with 567,000 / 346,000. Home & Away was 483,000. 9-1-1: Lone Star was 189,000. SWAT pulled 112,000.

The Project drew 390,000 / 264,000 for 10. 10 News First was 296,000 / 191,000. Just for Laughs Australia managed 169,000 with Montreal Comedy Festival on 142,000.

ABC News pulled 679,000. The Drum (201,000) and China Tonight (179,000) followed.

SBS had a quiet night with DNA Family Secrets (113,000), SBS World News (110,000 / 108,000), Saving Lives at Sea (109,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (93,000). The Cook up with Adam Liaw was 36,000.

Tish Tash and Adventures of Paddington both tied on multichannels at 135,000.

Sunrise: 212,000
Today: 198,000
News Breakfast: 109,000 / 65,000

In Total TV viewers last Monday were:

The Block: 1.67m
MKR: 859,000
The Masked Singer: 801,000
Media Watch: 607,000
HYBPA?: 964,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 15 August 2022

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  1. Early days but it looks like MKR is doing a BIg Brother in the totals will be interesting to see how it goes after the instant restaurant rounds are over

  2. There’s a trend where many viewers are tuning in to some shows at the last moments just to see who won, who was revealed or who was eliminated. That’s reflected in the differing ratings throughout the episode. I’d say there’s some actual interest or it’s in case it’s brought up in discussions so as not to be out of the loop.

    From the perspective of advertisers or for revenue, to counter that, there could be mid show or beginning of show revelations as well.

    1. It’s not really a trend. We could go back 10 years to see same outcomes for Biggest Loser winner announced etc. It’s a strategy by networks purely to prop up ratings stories (ie. advertisers don’t pay any attention to it). TV ratings are based on averages across the broadcast. If you slice out 5 mins then chances are it will be higher. Where it is at the end there is often an increase with viewers ready for the next show.

      1. Plus I’m guessing if they didn’t do that 5 mins reveal bit, the average over the run time of the show wouldn’t really lift by much anyway, as in that 445,000 would be something like 450,000 instead over the entire runtime. Where as with the reveal at 526,000, they can at least point to it and the marketing departments “suggest” to Advertising Agencies that it’s a good place to have adverts before and after as they’ll get more eyeballs then.

  3. Rather than putting MKR ahead of Masked Singer, perhaps it should be: MKR and The Masked Singer battle it out for last place?

    TMS is same old and MKR no longer needs to exist. The Block is getting good ratings because finally they left South Melbourne and it feels new, unlike the competition. I think there’s something in that for the network’s, the idea that new stuff like Hunted and now The Bridge is what people want, not the same old boring stuff. Let’s hope 2023 sees most of this recycled, low energy shows gone from our screens for good and replaced with something experimental.

    One can dream.

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