2023 Upfronts: Nine network

A Shane Warne drama, new crime drama, reality shows The Summit, My Mum Your Dad, Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars plus the return of RPA in 2023 on Nine.

  • Drama: Warnie bio drama, new crime drama Human Error
  • Reality: The Summit, My Mum Your Dad, Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars
  • RPA returns plus Big Miracles, Australia’s Most Identical
  • 9News Tasmania bulletin
  • 9Now: “Start over” on 9Now takes viewers back to the start of any live program; 24/7 Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels

New reality shows, new local dramas, observational have been announced at Nine’s 2023 Upfronts presentation at Luna Park in Sydney.

Every year the 9Network gets stronger with an unrivalled passion to create the greatest shows on any screen and 2023 is going to be huge as we reveal a phenomenal new world-class line-up with the biggest stars and returning shows bigger and better than ever before.  With just over ten weeks remaining in the 2022 ratings survey period, the 9Network is again the number one network with all key demographics.The eight highest rating programs of the year and 17 of the Top 20 programs of the year have all been broadcast on Channel 9 and 9Now. 

Our dominance also extends to BVOD. 9Now is the No.1 commercial free-to-air (CFTA) BVOD platform across the calendar year, with over 12 Billion minutes consumed (+24% year-on-year). 9Now has won 31 of the 37 weeks of the year so far, securing more than 50% CFTA share in key demos 25-54 and 18-39 and 49% in Total People. 


There has never been and never will be another like him. Over two big nights, Warnie will be the fitting tribute to one of the greatest Australians of all time, the Aussie larrikin who lived and loved large in the 9Network’s must see drama event of 2023. Shane Warne was an Aussie legend, a cultural icon, a cricketing genius, a charmer and a rogue. ‘Warnie’ transcended cricket. Like all great characters, he inspired extreme reactions from people from all walks of life, in Australia and around the world. Warnie is produced for the 9Network by Screentime, a Banijay company, in association with VicScreen. Cast to be announced soon.

Human Error
Inspired by actual events, 9Network’s new drama series, Human Error, follows Detective Holly O’Rourke and her homicide team as a seemingly open-and-shut murder investigation threatens to destroy her career, her family, and her faith in justice. As she scrambles to redeem her personal and professional reputation, Holly and her team uncover a criminal conspiracy that will change their lives forever. From the creative talents behind Underbelly, Bump, Offspring and Love My Way, Human Error is produced by John Edwards, Dan Edwards, Greg Haddrick and Samantha Winston, with The Age’s legendary crime reporter and podcaster John Sylvester (Underbelly) as story consultant. Cast to be announced soon. Human Error is a Roadshow Rough Diamond production for the 9Network with major production investment from Screen Australia in association with Nine. Financed with support from VicScreen. International distribution will be handled by ITV Studios.

The Summit (aka The Money Trail)
In the rugged Alps of New Zealand’s southern island, a group of strangers will embark on an epic quest unlike anything ever seen. With their backpacks containing an equal share of 1 million dollars, the group must reach the peak of a distant mountain in just 14 days to win the cash they’re carrying. Along the journey they’ll need to work as a team as they tackle dangerous terrain, wild conditions and overcome adrenaline-charged challenges that block their path to the mountain. But what happens when members of the group fall behind, will the rest of the trekkers slow down and risk not reaching it up the mountain in time? Or will they cut them loose and press ahead to cash in?
In a thrilling tale of endurance, survival and greed; morals will be tested, physical limits pushed, and bonds broken. Will they reach the summit in time and who will walk away with the money? A blockbuster action adventure filled with cliff-hangers; this is The Summit…getting up is just the beginning! The Summit is a 9Network and Endemol Shine Australia (A Banijay company) original series, produced by Endemol Shine Australia.

My Mum, Your Dad (previously known as Grown Up Love)
Australia’s hearts will be opened to a whole new world of grown-up love in My Mum Your Dad. Kate Langbroek presents this heartfelt series about single parents looking for love for the second time around. What they don’t know is their adult children are secretly guiding them through the perils of modern dating. While this group of brave mums and dads are gathered at a luxury retreat, their kids have taken up residence in a remote bunker to watch their parents’ every move. Not only do they have their parents under surveillance, they also have a big hand in who they date as their parents navigate new territory in the hope of finding their forever person. These parents will find themselves in a raw and vulnerable position that their kids have never seen before. From touching, major breakthroughs and shocking confessions to funny, unguarded moments, the parents lay it all on the line in the quest for love. How well do these kids really know their parents? Would you trust your child to choose the right partner for you? My Mum Your Dad is produced by ITV Studios Australia for the 9Network.

Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars
In a brand-new series for the 9Network, culinary superstar and CEO Gordon Ramsay and business mogul Janine Allis will mentor and guide competing teams in Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars. Breaking into the multi-billion-dollar food industry can be an impossible feat unless you’re lucky enough to have some big investors. Gordon and Janine are on the hunt for Australia’s most exciting and innovating new food ideas – searching high and low for the next food star to mentor and invest in. Contestants will need to pitch their concept to win a spot in the competition, before surviving high pressure challenges and intense grilling from two reigning food stars, determined to see if they’ve got the raw ingredients to become Food Stars. They’ll need to prove they have what it takes when it comes to service, marketing, branding and event management. Battling it out for their place at the top will be Gordon and Janine’s competing teams – 14 potential food stars who are ambitious, competitive and creative. With one winning idea from each team to take home a cash prize to kickstart their new business, everything is on the line. Produced by Endemol Shine Australia (A Banijay company) and Studio Ramsay Global (a FOX Entertainment company), Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars is a bold and competitive format, already broadcasting in the UK and US and coming to the 9Network in 2023.

RPA is the program that ignited Australia’s love of observational documentaries. For 17 years it gave viewers around the country an access-all-areas pass to the inner workings of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. And now it’s back, narrated by Rodger Corser. RPA follows patients who bravely and generously share their stories, as well as the outstanding surgeons and physicians who not only put broken bodies back together, but in many cases have to break the news to these patients that their prognosis isn’t good. These real-life moments are captured in all their unfiltered emotional rawness. Embracing the vast changes in medicine in the past decade, RPA will feature advancements and new technologies: from life-saving, minimally invasive brain, heart, and robotic surgery to the 24/7 statewide Clot Retrieval Procedure for stroke sufferers, along with all the immediacy of the hospital’s Emergency Department. RPA staff proudly claim, “We’re the only hospital in Australia that does a bit of everything”. Now they are doing even more. RPA is produced by McAvoy Media for the 9Network.

Big Miracles
Big Miracles is a groundbreaking new series filled with pure hope, in the name of love, about the most emotional human experience of all: trying to have children. Starting a family is one of life’s most important milestones. But what happens when pregnancy seems impossible? In Big Miracles we track an emotionally powerful journey as 10 brave and determined individuals and couples try to fall pregnant when the odds are stacked against them. We also witness the miracle work of doctors, nurses and scientists trying to make their dreams come true. It’s a remarkable story of hope, heartache, and triumph. Big Miracles is produced by Ronde Media for the 9Network.

Australia’s Most Identical
A brand new special event series, Australia’s Most Identical is the ultimate search for the nation’s most identical twins. Hosted by Scott Cam and Dr Jana Pittman, both parents of twins, this social investigation series will find and ultimately determine the nation’s most identical siblings. Through a series of scientific and entertaining challenges, 100 sets of twins will be put under the microscope until one pair is crowned Australia’s Most Identical. Australia’s leading “Twin Experts” Professor Sarah Wilson and Professor Jeff Craig will supervise and assess the results, in consultation with Twin Research Australia, which is based at the University of Melbourne. Delving into the unique and fascinating world of twins, Australia’s Most Identical will offer the most compelling and entertaining exploration of what it means to share your identity with someone else. Australia’s Most Identical is produced by HELIUM for the 9Network.



Married at First Sight
In 2023, Australia’s biggest guilty pleasure returns for its most anticipated season yet. Celebrating a milestone anniversary, the 10th season of Married at First Sight will raise the stakes with a new cast of participants ready for a chance at love. As the experiment marks a decade, expect more breathtaking weddings, thought-provoking commitment ceremonies and dramatic dinner parties. Certified clinical sexologist Alessandra Rampolla and relationship experts John Aiken and Mel Schilling will return to pair brave singles from across the country. Testing the bonds of couples, our experts will once again explore the influence of science in developing genuine, long-lasting relationships.nWith a signature blend of unfiltered emotion, highly charged passion and genuine love, MAFS will captivate audiences as television’s undisputable reality juggernaut ushers in a new era. Married at First Sight is produced by Endemol Shine Australia (a Banijay company) for the 9Network.

The Block
The Block is back in 2023 for an incredible 19th season. Television’s toughest building challenge will transform a brand-new Melbourne property with host Scott Cam welcoming a new batch of eager Blockheads to build five new family homes. The Block is a Nine production in conjunction with Cavalier Television.

LEGO Masters
LEGO Masters exploded onto our screens in 2019 and has cemented itself as one of the most popular shows on TV.
In 2023, the feelgood, family-friendly format – a ratings phenomenon – is back with an allstar cast as the best of the very best return with a new wave of brilliant building and imagination for LEGO Masters: Grand Masters. In this epic construction contest, the elite LEGO builders of the past four seasons will be competing for the ultimate title of Grand Masters. Host Hamish Blake and resident judge Ryan “Brickman” McNaught will be joined by the fan favourites and previous champions, all ingenious builders. Prepare to be dazzled by the most amazing challenges the show has ever seen, both in-studio and outside, when our teams duel it out for the chance to win $100,000 and to be crowned the very best LEGO building team in LEGO Masters history. Grand Masters. LEGO Masters is produced by Endemol Shine Australia (A Banijay company) for the 9Network.

Travel Guides
Logie Award-winning Travel Guides will be returning in 2023 with the ultimate traveller’s guide for your next escape. All our favourite travel critics are back as they take off for a seventh season filled with more amazing and adventurous destinations. Each episode will see our fun jet setting Travel Guides share their unfiltered and brutally honest reviews of rip-roaring destinations as they experience the same week-long holiday from local cuisine, accomodation, activities and tourist sights. Opinions always differ, often leading to outrageous reviews as our Guides tell it how they see it and rate each holiday out of five stars. Narrated by popular Aussie comedian Denise Scott, Travel Guides is produced by Nine.

Parental Guidance
When it comes to parenting, everyone has an opinion. Parental Guidance returns in 2023, putting 12 new parenting styles under the microscope to find out what works best.When Parental Guidance first premiered, it broke new ground and got the nation confronting the biggest question: how should we be raising our future adults? Now, in this fresh and thought-provoking series, TODAY host Ally Langdon and parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson are back, laying down even bigger and tougher parenting challenges. Designed to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of each parenting style, these challenges are all grounded in real-life scenarios. The results are authentic, joyful and shocking. From Outback to Spiritual, Gentle to Unstructured, Road School to Influencer, every style will be unpacked, judged, and scrutinised under the guidance of Ally and Justin, to ultimately vote for Australia’s best parenting style. This new series has a special focus on raising kids in the digital age, from the rise of Influencer Parenting to the dark side of online gaming and the internet. The essentials of parenting are also explored in depth, from dealing with tantrums to sibling rivalry and driving kids to succeed. As the 12 sets of parents examine, compare and look at their parenting through fresh eyes, viewers have the chance to reflect, learn and even level up their own parenting. Parental Guidance, the show that puts parenting in the spotlight it deserves, is produced by Eureka Productions for the 9Network.

The Hundred with Andy Lee
The Hundred with Andy Lee is back in 2023, with 100 everyday Aussies and some of our funniest comedians coming together to find out what the country is really thinking. Season 4 of The Hundred will tackle more of society’s biggest (and smallest) questions like: How many of the Hundred have seen a UFO? How many would NEVER lend money to their family? How many of the hundred are celibate? How many think regifting is ok? Handpicked to represent the demographic makeup of Australia, “The Hundred” will once again be polled live via Zoom to give us the stories behind the stats, while three comedy panellists battle it out on each episode to see who knows Australia best. Fan-favourite segments Couples Court and Celeb-A-Really will return, along with a raft of new games. The Hundred with Andy Lee is an original concept by Screentime (A Banijay company) and Andy Lee, in association with the 9Network.

With more than two million emergency calls made in Victoria every year, Paramedics is the compelling factual series that captures the unfiltered emotion of these life-changing moments and the reaction of the first responders. With unprecedented insight into life on the road with ambulance crews, the program balances the daily reality of medical emergencies with the paramedics themselves, the people and personalities who bring hope to the most seemingly hopeless situations. In 2023, a new season of Paramedics takes us back on the road with our emergency service heroes. From unexpected connections and compassion in times of crisis to the heavy toll this work takes on our frontline responders, Paramedics portrays the complete emotional spectrum of their dedicated life-saving duty. Paramedics is a WTFN production for the 9Network with the help of Ambulance Victoria.

Emergency is back for a fourth series in 2023 with returning favourites and new faces saving lives and winning hearts on the frontline of one of Australia’s busiest hospitals. Join the dedicated doctors and nurses for a captivating insight into the raw inner workings of Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Emergency Department as they pull back the curtain for unprecedented access to teams of medical heroes dealing with life-and-death cases every day.
This heartwarming series tells the stories of the patients through the eyes of the highly skilled and dedicated staff at Royal Melbourne, who are always ready with the utmost compassion and care for the constant stream of patients coming through the doors – in any emergency.Emergency is produced by WTFN for the 9Network.

Million Dollar Murders
In the return of this landmark series, retired Detective Superintendent Deborah Wallace takes viewers inside six unsolved crimes. These cases are the most chilling murder mysteries in Australia, with the biggest rewards on offer, one million dollars for information that leads to a conviction. Working closely with Homicide squads around Australia, Wallace discusses the cases with colleagues and interviews detectives, witnesses and family members, hoping to spark a long-forgotten memory or a change of heart that will bring justice for the victims and their families. In Series 2 of Million Dollar Murders, for the first time the Western Australia Police Force opens the case file on the murder of a child that shocked the entire state. Also, NSW and Victoria Police announce challenging new cases, while Million Dollar Murders continues the search for answers to the murders explored in Series 1.

Australian Crime Stories: The Investigators
The team behind the international award-winning series Australian Crime Stories is back with a brand new series in a brand new format. Australian Crime Stories: The Investigators is lifting the lid on the personal case files of some of Australia’s greatest detectives. Told by the investigators themselves, each episode will focus on one case, highlighting the hard work, dedication and commitment investigators make in solving the toughest crimes of their careers. Viewers will have unprecedented insights to all the twists and turns of these major investigations, from the moment the crime occurred to the final confession or conviction. As well as firsthand accounts from the investigators, we’ll also hear from the families involved, plus journalists and authors who have closely followed these cases.n Dedicated to all police officers who protect and serve our community, Australian Crime Stories: The Investigators will share the greatest stories of determined and exceptional police work; the murder that seemed unsolvable; the crime king who seemed untouchable; and the psycho who seemed unstoppable. Australian Crime Stories: The Investigators is produced by The Full Box for the 9Network.

Hot Seat
Millionaire Hot Seat, hosted by Eddie McGuire, is Australia’s longest running quiz show and since it premiered in 2009, the show has given away over $60 million dollars. Every episode 6 contestants go head-to-head to win a huge $1 million prize.

Space Invaders
Inspirational series Space Invaders returns for Season 3, bigger and better, and with a new co-host, to help families confront their physical and emotional baggage. Our team of remarkable and passionate Space Invaders, the dynamic duo of declutter guru Peter Walsh and renovation queen Cherie Barber, will be joined this season by obsessive collector Angie Kent (Gogglebox) as they show those in need how to transform their lives. Each week our Space Invaders will unite to help desperate families lighten their homes and their hearts, with amazing renovations and unbelievable transformations, as well as sharing decluttering tips and tricks to help us all improve our lives.
Peter’s mission is to dive headfirst into the relationship clutter that threatens to tear families apart, while empowering people to build strategies for lifelong change. Cherie then goes beyond the realms of possibility with her mantra of “minimum spend for maximum impact”, creating jaw-dropping transformations, whilst Angie becomes the custodian of each family’s most treasured possessions, discovering the story behind them and helping to bring them back to life. This season dials up the emotional stakes to a new level and gives some beloved Aussies the helping hand they need the most, with the extraordinary work of the Space Invaders team leaving entire families speechless and overwhelmed with gratitude. Space Invaders is produced by WTFN for the 9Network.

Country House Hunters Australia
Country House Hunters Australia returns for a third season in 2023, helping prospective homeowners take the leap and relocate from the busy city to the peaceful countryside. When it comes to dream properties, who better to point you to your happily ever after than Getaway’s Catriona Rowntree? Searching for hidden gems across sweeping plains and often overlooked landscapes, she helps would-be buyers locate their forever home in rural Australia. The payoff is finding the perfect peaceful, rural retreat away from the stresses and pressures of life in the bustling city.

Australia’s longest-running travel and lifestyle program returns to Nine for its 32nd season in 2023. Join Catriona Rowntree, David Reyne, Jason Dundas, Charli Robinson and other favourite faces as they explore breathtaking locations across Australia and around the world, and offer holiday tips and ideas to cater for all tastes and budgets. After two years of lockdowns, disruptions and cancelled holidays, Aussies are itching to dust off their passports and get travelling once again, and the Getaway team will lead the way as they explore the globe. As well as discovering the best holiday spots in our own backyard, the Getaway team’s international travels will take you to Hawaii, Iceland, Germany, and The Netherlands, to name just a few great destinations. And as always, they’ll inform, entertain and surprise you with stunning locations. Each new episode of Getaway will inspire travellers to get out and about around all points of the compass. Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation or a family trip that won’t break the bank, viewers will get all the key info they need to start planning their next holiday.


Nine News Tasmania

An hour-long 9News Tasmania bulletin will launch in early 2023, produced by Nine and broadcast by Nine’s Tasmanian affiliate, live from a new Hobart studio seven days a week.

Nine’s Director of News and Current Affairs, Darren Wick said, “As Australia’s largest news organisation, Nine is committed to telling the stories that matter most. This flagship bulletin will be produced and presented by Tasmanians, for Tasmanians. As one of Australia’s fastest growing markets, with a diverse industry and expanding sports scene, we couldn’t think of a better time to expand the 9Network’s news, sport and weather offering, giving the Apple Isle the live and local news they deserve.”

60 Minutes 


A Current Affair



Australian Open And Grand Slam Tennis


State Of Origin 

Rugby Union 


Fina World Short Course Swimming Championships Melbourne

20th Fina World Swimming Championships Fukuoka


Sports Sunday 

100% Footy 

The Sunday NRL Footy Show 

The AFL Sunday Footy Show And Footy Classified

Still to Come:

Returning Thursday, September 29, the factual series Paramedics is a gripping insight into the dedication of our frontline first responders at work. With a call for help made every 11 seconds to emergency services in Victoria, paramedics work around the clock, bringing hope even in the most dangerous and life-changing medical emergencies. In season four, a cast of fresh faces and returning favourites must cope with another raft of challenging medical situations. As they race to respond, Paramedics is right there to capture every unguarded emotion in the life-saving work of these everyday heroes. Paramedics is a WTFN production for the 9Network with the help of Ambulance Victoria.

Snackmasters sweetened up our TV screens in 2021, uncovering the secrets in the recipes of some of our most famous snacks, including the mysterious ingredients of the Cheese Twistie. This year the uniquely surprising cooking challenge is back, bigger and better with more tasty surprises, as Season 2 tests the limits of eight of the country’s best and most fiercely competitive chefs. They will go head-to-head in a new knockout cooking competition to see who can crack the snack and win the title of Ultimate Snackmaster. Join hosts Scott Pickett and Poh Ling Yeow as each episode of Snackmasters sees two top chefs in a battle to make perfect replicas of one of the nation’s best-loved snacks, while inveterate snack lover Yvie Jones gains access to the production lines for these delicious treats, giving viewers a sneak peek inside the factories where the snacks are made. From the classic Arnott’s Tim Tam that’s adorned kitchen cupboards since 1963 and the hugely popular Aussie Four’n Twenty classic meat pie to a Domino’s Pepperoni, the nation’s most popular pizza, our culinary maestros will have nothing but limitless supplies of these products and their own tastebuds as they try to crack the secrets of the snack. Snackmasters is based on the BAFTA-nominated UK program format and made by Warner Bros. International Television Production for the 9Network.

Taronga: Who’s Who In The Zoo
Dual Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts again lends her voice to this award-winning observational documentary series as staff from Taronga Zoo in Sydney, and Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, put the COVID-19 pandemic behind them in sight of a brighter future. Returning for its third season, Taronga: Who’s Who In The Zoo picks up where the previous series ended. With unrivalled access to the keepers, vets and support staff, we follow them through more of the high and lows that come with running one of the most successful zoos in the world. Nothing is more important than upholding the vision and living the philosophy of Taronga’s key message: working together to ensure there is a shared future for wildlife and people Taronga: Who’s Who In The Zoo is produced by McAvoy Media for the 9Network.

Country Home Rescue with Shaynna Blaze
For 14 seasons we’ve seen Shaynna Blaze as a judge on The Block, as well as helping homeowners spruce up their spaces on Selling Houses Australia. Now, for the first time, Shaynna is doing it for herself and her family in the heartwarming new series, Country Home Rescue. In Country Home Rescue, Shaynna, together with her children, embark on the restoration of a dilapidated historical home in regional Victoria. Watch as they navigate through a never-ending maze of problems when their grand plans are sideswiped by building restrictions, frustrating delays and a huge budget blowout. It will take every ounce of passion and persistence to turn this renovation nightmare into the forever home of their dreams. But you’ll be amazed as room by room is revealed.

Under Investigation with Liz Hayes
Under Investigation with Liz Hayes reveals investigative twists and turns that make for a gripping, edge-of-seat viewing experience. In each episode, Liz Hayes is joined by a new team of crime and forensic experts who are specially equipped with the know-how to delve deeper into cold cases and ask the right questions to solve them. Under Investigation with Liz Hayes returns for its fourth series to reopen more mind-blowing mysteries with the help of Australia’s criminal experts. As explosive new evidence is put under the spotlight, viewers are invited to dust off their magnifying glasses to probe and uncover decade-old answers. The cases in the new series include a gangland war in broad daylight. A top cop whose knowledge cost him his life. A highway stretching 800km with a dark and deadly history. Here lie some of Australia’s most notorious crimes that have left behind unsettling unanswered questions – until now. Mystifying cases wait to be cracked and closed in Under Investigation with Liz Hayes, which is produced by the 9Network.

Love Island
Prepare to dive in and fall in love with a sizzling-hot new group of singles on the fourth season of Love Island Australia, to be filmed in a new villa on the program’s return to the beautiful island of Mallorca in Spain. Aussie sweetheart and Love Island’s own Cupid, Sophie Monk, is back as host, alongside the narrator, Irish presenter Eoghan McDermott. Once again the Islanders must couple up and stay together to secure their place in the villa or risk being dumped and sent packing, all while surviving the temptations of sexy new bombshells arriving. They must also win over the hearts of the viewers who will ultimately decide their fate and the winning couple. It will be a blistering summer of love with more hilarious challenges, dates, drama and romance than ever. The past three seasons of Love Island Australia have been a big hit. In 2021, total average BVOD viewing on 9Now drove a 104% uplift on overnight audience. More success is in store for Season 4. Love Island Australia is produced by ITV Studios Australia for the 9Network.

Dream Listings (previously known as Buying Byron)
Everyone is trying to get a piece of the Byron Bay pie. It’s where Hollywood A-listers are living the dream and Instagram influencers are flocking to in droves. Enter the ultra-competitive, highly focused real estate agents working to sell the sexiest real estate on earth in Dream Listings, a hot new series coming to the 9Network later this year. Viewers will get a glimpse into Australia’s most prestigious playground, where the spectacular beaches and seaside glamour set the scene for all the action. There will be beachside deals, tussles for premier property listings, and feuds over negotiations as these agents work to secure a piece of paradise for their prestige clients. Dream Listings is produced by EQ Media Group for the 9Network.

NRL Grand Final
The biggest day in the rugby league season is exclusive, live and free on Nine when the premiers are crowned in the 2022 NRL Telstra Premiership Grand Final on Sunday, October 2. It’s a monster 16 hours of NRL Grand Final day coverage from Accor Stadium in Sydney on Channel 9 and 9Now. Weekend Today will kick things off from 7.00am, leading into a special edition of the Sunday Footy Show ahead of three big games . First up, the best state-level club in the country is decided in the State Championship Grand Final, followed by the NRLW Grand Final and then the main event – the NRL Grand Final. Join Andrew Johns, Cameron Smith and Mat Thompson when they call the big game from 7.30pm, with the whole Wide World of Sports rugby league commentary team featuring across the day. Which team will climb the summit to premiership glory in 2022? The only place you can find out live on television is the 9Network.

ARIA Awards
Australian music’s night of nights, the prestigious ARIA Awards, will light up our screens again on November 24. The 36th edition of the annual awards night will be available for audiences live and free on Channel 9 and to stream on 9Now, celebrating and showcasing the cream of the Australian music industry.

LEGO Bricksmas
LEGO Masters, one of the biggest hits on television, will return later this year for a two-part LEGO Bricksmas Special. This year’s festivities will begin early as some of Australia’s favourite celebrities team up with contestants from the past four seasons in a very special Christmas celebration. Who will take the honours with the best and most magical Christmas build? The two-part Christmas special will feature Poh Ling Yeow, Emma Watkins, Darren Palmer and Lincoln Lewis. Expect new builds, new twists, and a giant sackful of LEGO as we wish you a very Merry Bricksmas! LEGO Bricksmas is produced by Endemol Shine Australia (A Banijay company) for the 9Network.

Carols by Candlelight
Australia’s annual Christmas Eve tradition continues this year with some of this country’s best performers coming together for Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight, broadcast live from Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Saturday, December 24, at 8.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

2022 UCI Road World Championships
The world’s best cyclists will take to the streets of Wollongong for the 2022 UCI Road World Championships from September 18 to 25, with every day streamed live, ad-free and on demand only on Stan Sport, plus the final two days live and free on the 9Network. In only the second time in the event’s 101-year history, more than 1,000 of the top international cyclists from 70-plus nations will compete for a gold medal in this Olympic-scale event, which features 11 different cycling road races, time trials and team time trials. A crowd of over 300,000 is anticipated to spectate along on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales, with Stan and the 9Network there for every moment.


Frozen Planet II
Eleven years after the phenomenal first series, Frozen Planet II returns to the Arctic and Antarctic with a spellbinding journey through these magical, bone-chilling lands. Presented by Sir David Attenborough, this series observes the amazing species that thrive at the North and South Poles, as well as exploring life beyond the Poles – seeing wildlife drama play out in all the world’s coldest regions: from high mountains and frozen deserts to snowbound forests and icy oceans. These are the last true realms of wilderness on Earth, places so challenging that only a heroic cast of animal life can survive there. Filmed in ultra-high definition, Frozen Planet II features intimate stories and sensational natural spectacles filmed for the very first time. This six-part series is an incredible chance to behold the wonders of our planet’s frozen landmass on the brink of major change as temperatures on Earth are rising. Frozen Planet II is made by the BBC Studios Natural History Unit, co-produced by BBC America, the Open University, Migu Video , ZDF and France Televisions.


A upgrade to 9Now will include an innovative new homepage that allows users to dive straight into the live content stream; a game-changing “start over” option that takes viewers back to the start of any live program; personalised household profiles and a new discover page; the introduction of new 24/7 Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels with exclusive additional content; and interactive advertising experience on connected TVs (CTV) – all offered live in full HD.

Nine’s Chief Product Officer, Bec Haagsma, said: “Over the next 12 months, 9Now will completely reshape how television is consumed with a focus on a streaming-first product. With a dynamic homepage transformation, viewers will enter 9Now with live content streaming in full HD without having to click on a show. If viewers miss the start of a program on linear, they can go to 9Now and hit ‘start over’ – a feature that allows audiences to control their free-to-air live streaming experience like never before.” 9Now’s start over feature allows viewers to take content being broadcast live on linear back to the beginning of the show, including ads.


Australian Ninja Warrior
Celebrity Apprentice
Beauty & the Geek
After the Verdict

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  1. I’m glad Nine is bringing back RPA. And I’ll be curious about the Warnie telemovie (if it’s respectful). And surely Nine are going to bring back Australian Ninja Warrior and Celebrity Apprentice. And I really hope they bring back After The Verdict too. That was a good show.

  2. I can hear the ridiculous promos for every single show here … ” Australia’s biggest, must watch, unmissable, show stopping event of the year”

    Snooze fest

  3. So with no continuing drama at all Nine offer up two hours of Shane Warne’s life and, I assume, maybe six episodes of a police drama. Eight hours of drama content for the entire year would seem to be a dereliction of their licence obligations in appearance if not in actuality.

  4. “Nine News Tasmania – An hour-long 9News Tasmania bulletin will launch in early 2023, produced by Nine and broadcast by Nine’s Tasmanian affiliate, live from a new Hobart studio seven days a week.”
    Preceded by WIN News Tasmania at 5:30? Perhaps not. Interesting.

  5. Its sad to see Nine waste their TV licence like this. The best thing to give your disapproval to Nine is not watch their fake news or any of their garbage shows.

  6. Promising line up. So Beauty And Geek, Ninja and Apprentice axed or up in the air? And it was odd they said cast not announced for Human Error but made a big deal out of a “major Australian actress” playing the lead. Any idea who it is or did Nine say that to drum up hype without having hired any actress to play the part?

  7. The Summit looks like Nine’s answer to The Bridge on Paramount+ and Million Dollar Island already announced by Seven with shades of Hunted and Survivor. I’ll give it a go, I enjoy that type of show. Sad to see no more Australia Behind Bars (at least not yet). I think Big Miracles could be a surprise hit, while on the other end in flop territory….enter: Australia’s Most Identical

  8. No joy in any of that. 👎 More murder genre isn’t there enough in real life. 🥴 Reality rubbish for wannabes. Finding love what happened to going out and socialising? Cashing in on Shane Warne not nice bandwagon stuff. Gordon Ramsay censorship is appropriate with that one, as for the parental guidance show please send the experts over to my neighbours to sort their carpet grubs and rug rats out but using experts really not sure on that because I’ve always been weary of them, my definition of an expert has always been X is the sign of nothing and a spurt well it’s a drip out of control right.😂

  9. It’s awesome to read that Getaway is returning. I hope they give it a good primetime timeslot. It’s good to see ad-supported streaming coming to Nine. It’s like introducing extra channels, so I’m interested to find out what is on offer.

  10. Next year, they will show the RWC in France & the CWC in India. When 9 broadcasted CWC2011 in India, they didnt show the matches in full due to anti-siphoning laws. But with the changes to antisiphoning, cricket fans are able to see the games (involving Australia) in full.
    9/Stan will have the RWC2023. 9 will screen Wallaby pool matches and the final live. This was a massive step back from RWC2011. When 9 previously screened the RWC2011 in NZ, they screened Quarter finals, semi-finals, Bronze Medals and the Finals live on TV.

    1. Nine and Stan are sharing the broadcast rights to televise these events and rugby union fans are grateful. Those who like certain types of sport will pay for the coverage, this is the broadcast reality nowadays, realistically it’s doubtful that professional sports would develop as they have, especially women’s sports without these pay to view commercial partnerships. Hopefully Stan will continue to expand in 2023 with other sporting events though obviously this will also depend on Nine.

      1. As much as I don’t subscribe to Stan, Stan is expanding its RWC coverage. Stan is trying to grow the subscription numbers.
        If the Wallabies make it to the Quarter FInals, now that I’m afraid that the game will be shown excluisvely on Stan. This may infuriate some fans that dont have stan.

    1. Agree.
      Viewing habits have changed though. Gone are the days of a 40 weeks a year with several Australian scripted dramas, like in the days of Blue Heelers and All Saints. You’re likely going to see two 6-8 episode dramas each year now.
      Blame Netflix.

      1. Even in the UK, the focus of the commercial broadcasters now is short linear dramas, often stripped nightly over a single week, as these shows presumably sell well overseas and perform well in the ratings.

        Incidentally, on the subject of “reality crap”, Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars was a ratings disaster when it screened over here and hopefully won’t return.

        1. Yes, but though these are now far more common than weekly dramas the overall number of hours of drama hasn’t changed significantly. ITV are currently showing 5 hours a week for example of drama, and that’s excluding the six hours a week of the soaps.

          It is quite foolish of the Aussie networks not to look at new ways of airing drama – something stripped across a week in a gap between a couple of reality show franchises, or doubled up with the launch of a big reality franchise, could work quite well.

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