Report: $150,000 paid for Spotlight interview

Melissa Caddick’s husband Anthony Koletti has told a court he was paid $150,000 for a Seven interview.

It’s rare for amounts from paid interviews to be acknowledged publicly…

7News Spotlight paid Melissa Caddick’s husband $150,000 for an interview, according to evidence given in court yesterday.

News.com.au reports Anthony Koletti was grilled inside a courtroom about the final hours in which Ms Caddick was last seen alive and the contradictory accounts he had given.

The inquest is examining her presumed death after a shoe containing a foot, which was later matched to the 49-year-old, washed up on a NSW South Coast beach three months after she went missing.

The court heard on Tuesday that Mr Koletti was paid $150,000 for an interview with 7News Spotlight program in October 2021.

The programme took viewers inside the mansion he shared with Caddick, and promised new details of her fraudulent scheme.

Koletti was also pressed on differing versions of events he had given to the media and in court concerning when he had last seen his wife.

He told Spotlight that on the evening of November 11, 2020, he stayed up making music until 4am however told the court on Tuesday that he went to bed about 9 – 9.30pm.

“Which one is truthful?” he was asked in court.

“This one,” Koletti replied, referring to his evidence to the court.

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