10, SBS shows struggle at 7:30pm on Thursday.

Seven News, ACA, The Block and Gogglebox win slots - and a huge lift for The Handmaid's Tale in Total TV.

Thursday was a lower night for ratings all round, however a second outing for The Real Love Boat sank further for 10, the same day its return was confirmed for 2023.

Just 174,000 metro viewers embarked on a cruise from the Rock of Gibraltar, lower than its premiere of 215,000.

It wasn’t the only broadcaster challenged last night. New SBS shows in the same slot also struggled: Guillaume’s Paris (86,000), and Dishing It Up (78,000).

They were dwarfed by The Block‘s 670,000 viewers, and upstaged by 7:30 (464,000), an extended Home & Away (428,000 / 413,000 from 7pm) and Foreign Correspondent (349,000).

But Gogglebox adjusted the course for 10 with 415,000, ahead of Paramedics (379,000) and Q+A (232,000).

Nine network won Thursday with 30.1% then Seven 26.9%, 10 17.3%, ABC 16.7% and SBS 9.1%.

Nine News (709,000 / 688,000) was best for Nine. ACA led at 570,000 then Hot Seat (292,000 / 191,000). A+E After Dark was 211,000.

Seven News was #1 at 831,000 / 816,000. The Chase won with 439,000 / 285,000. A Kath & Kim marathon was 190,000 / 147,000 / 140,000 / 120,000.

The Project was 288,000 / 180,000. 10 News First drew 246,000 / 162,000. Undressed managed 165,000.

ABC News pulled 539,000. Sammy J (237,000), One Plus One (121,000) and The Drum (118,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (138,000 / 114,000), World’s Most Scenic River Journeys (99,000) and The Handmaid’s Tale (71,000) -but a 412% increase in last week’s Total TV.

On ABC Kids Alva’s World led multichannels at 116,000.

The Morning Show: 150,000 / 93,000
Today Extra: 100,000 / 41,000
Studio 10: 37,000 /

In Total TV numbers last Thursday were:

The Handmaid’s Tale: 502,00
The Amazing Race Australia: 596,000
Gogglebox: 775,000
Home & Away: 879,000
Paramedics: 583,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 6 October 2022

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  1. The SBS are only featuring video looped 4-5 year old cooking shows and these can be described as time slot fillers. Channel 10 probably had some ambition for The Real Love Boat, but maybe there’s some hope yet for viewers brain cells if this reality show takes a tumble.

  2. I cant but feel that channels 7, 9 and 10 have a thing for ensuring that with reality shows- especially mainly casting young/ish people, that the main thing producers look for is narcissistic pompous wannabees to help rock the show ie Married at First Sight; Farmer Wants a Wife; and the latest for 10 ie Real Love Boat and also people who just want their slice of fame and thats it. The ship promos to me are akin to Married – but on a ship. Women are worse than men. Not all, but some-most.
    And another thing; why dont Goggleboxers also watch scripted dramas? Most of the shows watched are rubbish and boring, and reality shows. I realise the show originally started on Foxtel, but point remains. I wouldnt want to be paid for watching rubbish reality shows. The only true ones are talent shows.
    Re Gogglebox, my faves were Mick and late Di, who was a realist. Vale Di and bye Mick.

  3. I’m surprised The real love boat hasn’t been bumped yet I’m assuming it’s because of the sponsorship they would’ve been better off airing The Bachelor

  4. The Handmaid’s Tale has always had a lot of streaming, especially from S2 when they had finished Attwood’s book. It is a loyal, young female audience that is watching less and less TV, down to only 14% of the audience watching it on Thursday. The total audience has dropped a few hundred thousand over time.

    1. The episodes from the current season of The Handmaid’s Tale are being released on Wednesday night in the SBSOnDemand app so I suspect that many people are watching it via the app on Wednesdays or during the day on Thursday rather than waiting for the free-to-air airing on Thursdays.

  5. The Real Love Boat (US) lost half its lead in audience from Survivor last night in America. It was the lowest rated series premier this year according to TVLine. I can’t see 10 keeping it next year if CBS sinks the show.

    1. 10 will judge on performance of local series, not the US which has a different cast (except for el capitano). A thin format is the problem here and also whether the show is going for true romance or true carcrash. Boatcrash?

  6. Whichever cruise company is bank rolling The Real Loveboat, I hope it has a get out clause for 2023. While it has been already been greenlighted for 2023, if it pulled up anchor – then I can’t see it coming back with Ten funding the whole show.

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