Airdate: Tan France: Beauty and the Bleach

Queer Eye's Tan France addresses issues around skin tone and colourism in fashion, notably in entertainment & beauty industries.

Tan France, star of Queer Eye, is on a mission to take down the world’s most shocking beauty trend in a new series, Tan France: Beauty and the Bleach

Taking on a subject close to his heart, Tan will explore the issues around skin tone and colourism in society (the idea that fairer complexions are favoured in black and Asian communities, as well as society at large), as well as in the fashion, entertainment and beauty industries.

Tan has experienced this phenomenon first-hand. As a child he did something he has regretted ever since: he attempted to lighten his own skin.

In the program, Tan faces up to his own experiences in an attempt to seek answers to questions around the public perception of beauty – meeting celebrities (including Kelly Rowland), experts, and people affected by the issue.

Tuesday, 18 October at 9.40pm on SBS VICELAND

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  1. Subject close to my heart, glad it is being addressed at last. My daughter is half Sri Lankan and suffered abuse throughout her school years and beyond because of the colour of her skin, she also had club when when she was born. She was called horrible names, chocolate drop, pigeon toes just to name a few. Her feet were operated on but her skin colour nothing could be donated about that it caused no end of trauma and she resorted to lightening it. The effects of that were horrendous and long lasting. My advice to her was/is looks should never be more important than what is inside you, they are just the wrappings, it’s who you are as an individual that matters the most. Just accept yourself for how you look and be comfortable in your own skin.

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