CBS bumps The Real Love Boat to Paramount+

Not just in Australia, but dating series struggles to find an audience stateside.

American broadcaster CBS has pulled The Real Love Boat from broadcast after four episodes, and will finish its run on Paramount+.

The show launched on October 5 with 2.4m US viewers but fell 2m overnight viewers for its subsequent three episodes.

Paramount announced both US and Australian productions with separate casts on the same cruise liner.

The US show is hosted by Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell with captain Paolo Arrigo, bartender Ezra Freeman and cruise director Matt Mitcham.

In a sea of dating show, there appears to be not enough point of difference in this format, other than a free plug fo a cruise line.

Produced by Eureka Productions, the Australian series was also bumped from its original timeslot but was announced as returning in 2023.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I have been watching the Australian version, but to be fair I give all the dating shows a go. I love the locations, but we don’t see as much of the ports they visit as I would like too. I think this idea could have worked better if they had gone with say over 50’s. 20 somethings on dating show has been done to death and when I think cruising I don’t think young people, I think of an older cohort.

    They could even mix in the odd “celebrity” from the past who is “looking for love”, or simply just wants to appear on TV again like the original show did.

  2. Here’s an idea.Why not do another reboot again, of the original idea of the love boat with out having another reality programme that is fun to watch.

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