Finish line in sight for ratings year

The Block continues to dominate entertainment and drive Nine's fourth quarter. 10 edges ahead of ABC's week.

Including this week there are now just six more survey weeks remaining in 2022.

Last week was another win for Nine in Total People, with 10 just edging out ABC thanks to its mulichannels.

Seven News was the top show for the week but The Block continues to dominate entertainment and drive Nine’s fourth quarter.

Bathurst 1000 pulled 791,000 for its Race last Sunday.

Nine: 29.5
Seven: 28.6
10: 16.8
ABC: 16.7
SBS: 8.4

Primary channel:
Nine: 21.1
Seven: 20.2
ABC: 11.7
10: 10.5
SBS: 4.4

7TWO: 3.6
7mate / 10 BOLD: 2.9
9GEM: 2.7
10 Peach: 2.5
9GO! / ABC TV Plus: 2.4
ABC News: 2.1
7flix / 9Life: 1.9
9RUSH: 1.4
SBS Food: 1.2
SBS World Movies: 1.0
10 Peach: 0.9
ABC ME: 0.4
NITV: 0.2
SBS World Watch 0.0

Nine led on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Seven scored Tuesday & Friday. ABC bettered 10 on Wdnesday, Friday & Saturday.

Best brands last week were:

Nine: The Block (Sun: 905,000), Nine News (6:30: 750,000), A Current Affair (602,000) and 60 Minutes (566,000)

Seven: Seven News (Sun: 1.08m), Bathurst 1000 (Race: 791,000), Australia’s Got Talent (Sun: 633,000) and This is Your Life (595,000).

10: Have You Been Paying Attention? (560,000), Gogglebox (557,000), The Amazing Race Australia (winner announced: 413,000) and Mirror Mirror: Love & Hate (Mon: 404,000).

ABC: ABC News (Sun: 536,000), Hard Quiz (471,000), 7:30 (466,000) and Four Corners (454,000).

SBS: Greatest Train Journeys from Above (159,000), Curse Of The Ancients: BC (157,000), Secrets of the Royal Palaces (143,000) and SBS World News (138,000).

Nine was victorious in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Seven won Adelaide & Perth.

Infogram supplied by Nine:

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  1. David, is the T20 World Cup regarded in the same way as the Comm and Olympic Games in terms of being excluded from the tally when calculating yearly ratings win? On the one hand, it is not an annual event (I gather this is the logic to exclude the Olympic Games) however the cricket is not a solid wall-to-wall 2 weeks telecast so was not sure.

  2. I’ve no doubt we will suffer the inevitable re runs and the shows held back that didn’t quite cut the mustard that could have turned out to be interesting to watch. However I’ll be putting my time to good use during “repeat” season by catching up with all the movies I’ve taped. As for ratings I prefer to live without them and watch what appeals to me and gives me joy. Passed being dazzled with numbers.

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