Nine’s Block and Cricket double beats Budget night

Reality + Sport help Nine to a big Tuesday share. ABC devotes the night to Federal Budget.

If it’s Tuesday it must be Budget night, with extensive coverage on ABC.

Budget: Treasurer’s Speech drew 445,000 metro viewers followoed by Budget: News Special (314,000) and Budget: Reaction and Analysis (217,000).

ABC News Budget coverage also led multichannels at up to 119,000 viewers.

But it was no contest for The Block at 782,000, doubling Dogs Behaving Very Badly (322,000), Budget: News Special (314,000), The Traitors (259,000) and Great Coastal Railway Journeys (144,000).

Later The Cheap Seats led with 318,000 outranking Travel Guides (312,000), The Good Doctor (211,000),

T20 World Cup broadcsat from 10pm AEDT on Nine and drew up to 233,000 metro viewers and ensured an easy Tuesday win for the network.

Nine network won with 35.0% then Seven 23.4%, ABC 17.5%, 10 16.4% and SBS 7.9%.

Nine News  was 775,000 / 763,000 with A Current Affair winning at 664,000 then Hot Seat (352,000 / 216,000). A Nine News: Budget Special was 316,000.

Seven News was #1 with 888,000 / 849,000. The Chase drew 455,000 / 299,000 then Home & Away (441,000). The Latest was 145,000 with 10 Years Younger in 10 Days on 93,000.

ABC News was 573,000.  Louis Theroux: Life on the Edge (141,000) and The Drum (132,000) followed.

The Project pulled 261,000 / 169,000 for 10. 10 News First was 251,000 / 139,000. NCIS managed 155,000.

On SBS it was Me & My Tourette’s (138,000), SBS World News (138,000 / 111,000) and Dateline (93,000). SBS World News Late was 55,000.

Sunrise: 225,000
Today: 197,000
News Breakfast: 112,000 / 72,000

In Total TV numbers last Tuesday were:

The Good Doctor: 486,000
The Traitors: 472,000
The Block: 1.37m
Tom Gleeson’s Secrets of the Australian Museum: 583,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 25 October 2022

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  1. The attendance at the AUS-SL match was about 42% of the capacity at Perth STadium. I think the reason for low attendance might got to do with high school students having to prepare for end-of-year exams. As well, the rivalry btween these two teams is very low, due to Australia’s dominance at home.
    Friday’s match between Australia-England will be played at the MCG. The MCG does draw very high crowds between these two nations.

  2. I am surprised at Seven News numbers, but then I guess it’s entertaining when they showed clips of some poor unfortunate in China getting a pile of bamboo scaffolding fall on him, then some bloke running out of the surf on the Gold Coast getting tasered because he was in the nudy., even better was the train in some obscure place in America colliding with a grain truck. That’s was my “entertainment” right there taken care of for the night. Desperate measures to fill in an hour of local news really.As for the ABC budget nope done enough bean counting in my day thank you gladly.

  3. Yer ordinary night not surprising with what they had to offer. Have they closed up shop for the year. Seven don’t win many weekly overall numbers out side of AFL season.

  4. I feel like summer TV viewing is already here in most timeslots and networks.
    Luckily some gold viewing like Fisk is airing. Also as a free-TV viewer only I have been recording some Lifestyle and dramas on my Hard Drive and those round discs called DVDs.
    I understand why people have embraced streaming platforms, but wonder with the rising costs how many can still prioritise paying for them.

    1. Same here….I have more than I can watch on FTA…as it is…I could be watching TV all day…and that is not going to happen….I would not have time to add pay TV also.

    2. The thing most people seem to forget is you don’t have to be subscribed to the streaming service for the whole year. I generally only subscribe to Disney+ when Grey’s Anatomy is on (September to March) although they got me to stay longer last season due to Love, Victor and Under the Banner of Heaven dropping. Even then I could’ve waited till the end of the season and binged Grey’s Anatomy if I wanted to save money. Binging it in a month would make it cheaper than the DVD release.

  5. Ten should stick with The Traitors and not move it around (even with the low overnight and total TV numbers). If it does, can basically call game over and can’t see it returning.

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