Tough night for 10, new Seven, SBS shows.

The Block & Hard Quiz lead in entertainment as other shows try to eke out an audience.

Wednesday was a challenging night for 10 unable to rise above 290,000 metro viewers. Q4 is not going well for the network as it boldly tries new formats and shuffles its schedule to adjust.

But it also wasn’t so great for a new Seven reality series nor a local SBS production.

The Block topped entertainment at 726,000, well ahead of Hard Quiz (528,000), 7:30 (514,000), Kitchen Nightmares (362,000), and a Dog House repeat (231,000).

Later Question Everything led with 381,000 then Summer Love (272,000) and Britney & Kevin: Family Feud (235,000).

Nine network won Wednesday with 31.5% then Seven 25.8%, ABC 19.4%, 10 15.4% and SBS 7.8%.

Nine News was 702,000 / 685,000 for Nine. A Current Affair was 593,000 then Hot Seat (316,000 / 214,000). The Rise And Fall Of Janet Jackson was 110,000 in repeat.

Seven News was #1 at 803,000 / 801,000. Home & Away drew 457,000 then The Chase at 400,000 / 259,000.  Extreme Weddings Australia was 125,000 then Air Crash Investigations (123,000).

ABC News won at 595,000 for ABC. Would I Lie to You? (188,000) and The Drum (127,000) followed.

The Project pulled 289,000 / 224,000 for 10. 10 News First was 236,000 / 170,000.  The Real Love Boat stalled at 141,000 then My Life is Murder (70,000).

On SBS it was Secret Scotland (126,000), SBS World News (124,000 / 97,000), Lost for Words (86,000) and Nine Perfect Strangers (70,000).

Bluey led multichannels at 132,000.

Sunrise: 219,000
Today: 185,000
News Breakfast: 111,000 / 62,000

In Total TV numbers last Wednesday were:
The Block: 1.44m
Summer Love: 437,000
Kitchen Nightmares Australia: 903,000
Home & Away: 929,000
Hard Quiz: 818,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 19 October 2022

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  1. ‘and a Dog House repeat (231,000)’ and there’s a big part of your problem Ten! Firstly epg’s rarely show if something is a repeat nowadays, even online guides don’t. People may see it on the epg like i did & hope its a new episode only to be disappointed (but not really that surprised since its been happening for ages now). People who do not watch the Block or cooking related shows like Kitchen Nightmares still want an alternative, even a UK ep of the Dog House, or some other animal/nature show would be better than endless repeats!

    Or better still be gutsy & try putting ‘the Talk’ on a 7.30 timeslot, i cannot understand why they keep that show on an early morning timeslot.

  2. Ten’s ratings have been poor Thursday to Sunday for some time. Now it appears to be Wed too. I did like Seal Team and Evil but they behind a paywall now. Nancy Drew S3 was better than the previous two with a plot, but is now gone after 4 eps, presumably joining the others. They are now trying cheap dramas and competiton shows developed globally, and Soccer. Doesn’t seem to working. That leaves NCIS, FBI which not very consistently written any more, and their spinoffs that are even worse. The Cheatseats would be the only thing I’d miss if Ten folded.

  3. Ten really need to look at some back up options for when their shows do badly – The Real Love Boat must be reckoned a disaster even with its favourable funding model as a virtual infomercial.

    Also notable to see half of Nine News falling below 700,000 during mid-week (not sure if I have seen it that low outside of some Summer slots) and especially when there is a lot of news about for people to tune-into such as the east coast floods which are a continuing story. It was notable last night that they give aside five minutes of the news (in Victoria at least) to an extended Coles promo for Christmas Gift Cards. If anything is going to put viewers of it is that.

    Finally, in ratings season mid-week the programmers are willing to offer up Britney Spears and Janet Jackson documentaries in prime time and repeats of observational shows – q.v. The Dog House.

    It really is a poor free to air line up these days.

  4. Whoa that’s a great rise for kitchen nightmares in the totals i wonder how much of the7+ views were the uncensored version TRLB has well and truly sunk ten should switch TRLB and MLIM

    1. Watched some of Love Boat but really, these shows have been done to death regardless of the setting. Bachelor, Farmer, First Dates, Love Island. All carefully edited and the people are never really themselves in front of the cameras

      1. True and they still keeping making them looks like seven will be doing the same with BB next year given that they were casting for singles for the first time in 14 years I won’t be watching at all

      2. Actually i liked First Dates, i felt the people were being quite real, and it was funny too, Ten ruined it though. The only other dating type show i enjoyed was the Bachelorette with Sophie Monk (mostly as i’m a fan), but even that was hard going due to the length.

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