Traitors low for 10 but HYBPA? still wins Monday slot

Second night of new reality show did not lift for 10. The Block drives Nine to a winning Monday.

Night two of 10’s new reality offering did not improve on its low premiere of 257,000 but the network bounced back with a comedy favourite.

The Block was still way out in front of the entertainment pack at 790,000 metro viewers and topped the demos.

7:30 (548,000), AGT (470,000), Australian Story (436,000) and The Traitors (253,000).

But Have You Been Paying Attention?  still managed to win its timeslot at 513,000, outranking Four Corners (419,000), Media Watch (397,000), Under Investigation (285,000) and 9-1-1 (256,000)

Nine network won Monday with 30.0% share then Seven 27.7%, ABC 18.2%, 10 17.2% and SBS 7.0%.

Nine News (767,000 / 751,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair led with 652,000 then Hot Seat (356,000 / 210,000). Suburban Gangsters managed 170,000.

Seven News was #1 at 919,000 / 918,000 for Seven. The Chase won with 441,000 / 266,000 then Home & Away (489,000). SWAT was 128,000.

ABC News pulled 595,000. Planet America (237,000) and The Drum (132,000) followed.

The Project drew 295,000 / 230,000 for 10. 10 News First was 261,000 / 169,000. Ghosts was 256,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (146,000 / 113,000), Iceland with Alexander Armstrong (117,000) 24 Hours In Emergency (89,000) and Celebrity Letters And Numbers too low in its early slot at just 80,000.

Fireman Sam came to the rescue of multichannels at 107,000.

Sunrise: 223,000
Today: 186,000
News Breakfast: 109,000 / 65,000

In Total TV numbers last Monday were:

911: 534,000
The Block: 1.41m
HYBPA?: 931,000
AGT: 900,000
Home & Away: 972,000
Media Watch: 729,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 17 October 2022

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  1. Yes I am so enjoying The Traitors. Channel 10’s Advertising and Promotion departments should be replaced, because in the ads like others have said on here, looked atrocious. As did how they advertised Hunted.

  2. I’m enjoying the Traitors too and totally agree that the promos were atrocious for it. I am watching on 10Play the following day though… maybe others will be as well?
    The challenges are the weak point so far for me… and Roger is fine despite my steep hesitations early on. Unfortunately because the challenges aren’t great it sags in the middle of the eps… however starting off with breakfast and finding out who was “murdered” and then finishing with the scramble and finger pointing of who will be banished are great watching. Excellent casting from Ten too!

    1. Agree with your run down of the show. I too love the breakfasts, it’s interesting watching people reactions and of course finding out who got the chop the the night before. Finishing each episode with a group eviction followed by the traitor discussion, leaving you wondering who won’t be at breakfast the next morning is great too. Casting is good and nice to see a good mix of ages. The ‘Clairvoyant’ is great casting and last night has set up some fun episodes to come.

  3. I quite enjoyed the traitors. You can tell the further it goes in, the more entertaining it becomes with peoples mind games. Even last night with the clairvoyant at the banishment for example. I also think it’s a good mix of personalities.

    Shame about the low numbers, I often wonder it if was on nine or seven, if that would automatically improve numbers. People simply don’t have faith in ten anymore..

    1. Agree, I think the mix of personalities is key to this show and 10 have done a good job there. It’s a game that requires you to really think about what you say and to who, and I really like that.

  4. I channel-surfed no less than three times during the unbearable beatboxing number on “Celebrity” Letters and Numbers last night. The ridiculous and unfair scoring (likely to stroke the egos of the guests), and the fact that some of them deliberately act stupid (because they think it’s adorable) is wearing my patience thinner than Norman Gunston’s hairline.

    Why, oh why do I do this to myself?! It is just so agonising to watch, and based on last week’s promos, the calibre of guests will only be setting the bar even lower. Had I not been an existing fan of L&N, and by extension, David and Lily, I would have switched off after the first couple of minutes of the very first “Celebrity” episode. Surely mediocrity isn’t too unrealistic a benchmark.

    *sigh* I’ll probably be back to bitch some more after next week’s episode. 😛

  5. Ten needs to go back to the days of Big Brother and have shows start at 7pm not 7.30pm. Get the jump on the competitors as they are doing on Sunday nights.

  6. That’s disappointing for 10. I am really enjoying The Traitors. I think the promo didn’t do it justice. It’s really interesting, better than Netflix’s new series of The Mole, and also quite funny.

    1. I’m really enjoying the traitors too. There’s a lot of big egos and it’s fun watching them get crushed. It’s quite an interesting mental game, which makes a nice change from the usual reality options.

  7. Any chance of Australian Mortgage Awards as seen on HYBPA? being televised? It would probably rate out of the novelty factor and Ed Kavalee hosting it.

  8. Will 10 do a Monday switcheroo like wed/Thurs. It may have paid off with Gogglebox, but moving HYBPA to 7:30 could be dangerous unless they planned it as a permanent move.

    1. Harder to move HYBPA due to content and rating (M) eg last night F bomb was dropped. Totally appropriate at 9pm.
      Ten’s gamble at new reality concepts is a masterclass in how to undo all the goodwill the first half of the year served them.

      1. Completely irrelevant as M rated content is permitted from 7.30pm. In theory, they could drop 50 F-bombs if they wanted to as part of their typical banter.

        I think an earlier timeslot could work, but Ten would risk killing their otherwise consistent 8.30pm timeslot.

        1. In terms of the classification legislation, I think if there is excessive use of the F word may not be acceptable, even with an M classification and can depend on the context. In PG the Sh word has been used, but it needs to be limited and context matters a lot as well.

      2. They would just do what they would do with Gogglebox at 7:30 and edit it out if they moved it. I’m not sure if Fbombs are completely banned at 7:30 anymore, David would know.
        As for the M rating, most reality’s have this rating at 7:30pm also (love boat, MAFS, gogglebox, Bachelor)

      3. Not sure it really matters anymore. I know its on the tamer side but ABC had a M rated episode of Vera on at 12.30pm on Saturday afternoon. Guess they assume all the kids will be on ABC2 or ABC3 anyway.

        1. It’s the matinee timeslot which has been an M rated timeslot. It had usually been on weekdays only when children are at school, but there are more mentions of the M classification being used during the weekend lunchtime timeslots.

  9. It says a lot for HYBPA? when it wins its slot despite the preceding show coming last in its slot (leaving aside SBS).
    There are few shows where I laugh out loud several times an episode. Well done to Working Dog.

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