Upfronts 2023: what can we expect from Paramount?

What will be unwrapped for Network 10 viewers this week?

On Thursday Paramount presents its 2023 Upfront to media buyers and press, jam-packed full of new and returning shows across 10, Paramount+, Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central.

It will be held at the Darling Harbour Theatre at ICC, Sydney, marking 3 years since 10 has held an in-person Upfronts, at the same venue in 2019.

TV Tonight hears multiple whispers of a local version of Taskmaster, the long-running UK panel show in which five celebrities – mostly comedians – attempt to complete a series of challenges. Filming is rumoured to be taking place in New Zealand, which has had a local version since 2020. Could that put Ursila Carlzon as a favourite to host?

The recently-announced The Challenge, which saw reality faces filming in Argentina, is also a hot tip to screen over summer, which could push I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here back into official survey -expect a return to Africa for 2023.

New dramas have been previously announced including NCIS: Sydney, Paper Dolls and Riptide, and 10 has second windows on Paramount+ drama Five Bedrooms and presumably The Secrets She Keeps plus Acorn TV’s My Life is Murder.

Without delving into its other platforms, here’s some predictions on Network 10 announcements this week:

Confirmed for 2023:

Australian Survivor
MasterChef Australia
Hunted Australia
NCIS: Sydney
Paper Dolls
A-League, W-League

Expected to return:

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
The Masked Singer
The Project
Have You Been Paying Attention?
10 News First
The Cheap Seats
Would I Lie to You?
Dog House Australia
Studio 10
Five Bedrooms S3
My Life is Murder S3
Rock Island Mysteries

Yet to screen in 2022:

The Real Love Boat
Todd Sampson: Mirror Mirror
The Bachelors
The First Inventors
The Secrets She Keeps S2
My Life is Murder S2
Melbourne Cup
AACTA Awards
Christmas with The Australian Women’s Weekly


Pilot Week
Ambulance Australia
The Living Room
First Dates
The Amazing Race Australia
Celebrity Gogglebox


Taskmaster Australia
The Challenge in January
I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here returning to Africa

Not expected to return:

The Bachelorette
Bondi Rescue
Territory Cops

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  1. Amanda Keller announced on her Sydney radio show this morning that The Living Room would be ‘rested’ in 2023. She said it was a network decision and they plan for it to return in 2024.

  2. Ten just ran a promo, in My Life Is Murder, for new eps of NCIS, CSI Vegas and Blue Bloods coming soon to Saturdays. That clears up a few things. The mysteries in My Life Is Murder haven’t got any harder to figure out, but Auckland is pretty.

  3. I am hoping (yet doubtful) that Amazing Race gets another season. While this year was an improvement over the Aus-focused season in 2021, the show still pales compared to the old Ch7/ActiveTV version of TARAu.

    If they get renewed, I hope that Eurkia brings their A-game and takes notes from the Ch7 TARAu to improve their show – because I think they have potential as a production house to do the TAR format well. Many of the issues I (and other TAR fans) have with the show relate to factors impacted by Covid. Alternatively, I would not oppose Ch10 getting ActiveTV back to helm the show next time.

    Otherwise, Ch10 have a good lineup for my personal taste – Traitors, Taskmaster & The Challenge are all shows that look good or have at least enjoyed other versions of those formats, with Hunted and Survivor (even the inferior Aus version to the SA & US versions) getting a look in).

  4. Looking forward to The Traitors, WILTY and Five Bedrooms soon…as well as excited for new I’m a Celeb and Taskmaster, hopeful that they will one day bring back Drunk History.

  5. Even with total numbers I don’t think the amazing race will get over the renewal line

    MasterChef survivor and if it’s renewed the dog house are the ones that I’m watching i wish MasterChef was only 2-3 episodes a week

    1. Please announce Pluto tv launch date and channel 10 should put every episode of neighbours on paramount,10 play or channel peach.
      Neighbours was more than a tv show or soapie it was a part of Aussie life and culture and it should be replayed from the start

  6. I’m looking forward to NCIS Sydney I think that will do really well if it’s casted right. I hope they have more drama and less reality coming. For drama shows to work well it should be about the storyline’s and characters first, then look at diversity and then cast, not panic about diversity, cast and then try and figure out the storyline’s like Neighbours did in the end, however Neighbours did get the formula right in the 80’s and 90’s.
    I think Amazing Race should go now unfortunately, it must cost 10 a fortune to make and those numbers wouldn’t be justifying the cost, it would have done better with a different host and better casted quirky contestants, it’s boring with no heart otherwise.
    There are a few stale programs on 10 now that need to go to keep up with their young hearted and cool Paramount persona.

  7. I’m convinced there is a secret conspiracy with examples like Ten and SBS plus Foxtel on demand. All the good shows are shown on streaming first with no regard to those who don’t or can’t access streaming. My biggest fear for the future of TV regarding free to air especially, is that it will all become a streaming service and everyone will have to cough up just to watch. Everything not just TV is slowly becoming subscription based which is definitely designed to make money. The most annoying thing with streaming on Ten, Seven, Nine, SBS and Foxtel (before a show starts) are the commercials. In years to come we might have to redefine what “free” actually means.

    1. If television had no advertising and also no subscriptions, who would pay for the programs? Either advertisers pay for what you watch, or you do. You can’t have it both ways.

  8. I am really disliking that All Channel 10 dramas are airing on streaming services first.
    Again regulations are not keeping up and I think first run Australian dramas should gain more points than those repeated from streaming services. I realise drama points don’t exist at the moment, but should be re-instated.
    I am looking forward to My Life is Murder Season 2 and Will wait patiently for The Secret She Keeps S2 and Five Bedrooms S3….
    Paper Dolls could be interesting and I note Riptide is another collaboration with the UK which helps support Aussie dramas and look forward to that too. But both these new ones are 8 and 4 episodes respectively.
    I lament there is still a lack of Aussie Dramas especially on commercial free-to-air.

    1. Makes sense to charge for showing Ten dramas without ads. Promos have started for My Life Is Murder S2 on Ten. CBS shows on the other hand have moved back and forth, hopefully there will finally be some answers.

  9. If Taskmaster Australia does indeed happen, apart from the obvious choice in making me the host…it’s obvious in my mind, don’t judge. And short of just going to the UK and filming with Greg and Alex, then I would like to put forward a controversial suggestion for the host in Gretel Killeen.
    But contact me first. I am available.

      1. That’s cool , reminds me of the Sydney Harbour Bridge NYE fiasco when they were meant to show 2019 and showed 2018 instead 😆,social media were all over it as usual.

      2. David I feel your pain, I was haled over the coals on the weekend sending a text whilst watching Man V Bee on Netflix, I tried to explain the actor was Mr Bean but I spelt it Been. Back to getting your work marked by your teacher using bright red ink to highlight your mistake.

  10. Taskmaster could work well for 10 if they schedule it as a weekly 8.40pm programme rather than try and make it fit the stripped reality mould.

    The NZ version is supposed to be quite good so perhaps not a bad thing they’re filming over there, although possible they’ll just film the “Taskmaster house” tasks there and then film the studio shows back in Australia.

    1. Yes! The NZ version is amazing! I’m currently in the middle of watching the Danish version, and whilst there are a few changes, it is well worth watching too. I wonder, though, why, if they are going to use an international house, they are using the NZ house and not the more familiar UK one. Surely there are enough places in Australia they could film in any way. That being said, it is a minor query, not a complaint.

  11. Surely they won’t be renewing The Amazing Race after the current ratings performance. Mirror Mirror is airing next week and The Bachelors is already pushed back.

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