The Chase above Thursday paramedics, ambulances & drink driving.

It was another quiet Thursday, won by Seven with its game show leading entertainment. Handmaid's Tale still mighty in Total TV lifts.

Thursday night was crowded with ambulances, paramedics and drink driving tests but it was The Chase that topped entertainment -if only by a fraction- at 466,000 / 288,000.

7:30 led its slot with 468,000 then an extended Home & Away (457,000 / 399,000 from 7pm), Foreign Correspondent (373,000), RBT (369,000), and Ambulance Australia (238,000).

Later Paramedics was 342,000 then Kath & Kim repeats (261,000 / 199,000 / 177,000 / 142,000) and Q+A (253,000).

Seven network won Thursday with 29.5% then Nine 27.4%, ABC 18.9%, 10 15.7% and SBS 8.6%.

Seven News was #1 at 881,000 / 868,000 for Seven.

Nine News (686,000 / 650,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair was 544,000. Hot Seat drew 285,000 / 206,000. Underbelly: Vanishing Act managed 128,000.

ABC News won with 583,000. One Plus One (147,000) and The Drum (119,000) followed.

The Project was 282,000 / 183,000 for 10. 10 News First drew 126,00 in a 6pm slot only.  The Real Love Boat was just 134,000 and a Cheap Seats replay was 82,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (114,000 / 101,000), World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys (109,000),  The Handmaid’s Tale (87,000), and again struggling were Guilliame’s Paris (56,000) and Dishing it Up (52,000).

Grace on 7TWO led multichannels at 118,000.

The Morning Show: 137,000 /  96,000
Today Extra: 86,000 / 54,000
Studio 10: TBA

In Total TV numbers last Thursday were:

The Handmaid’s Tale: 520,000
Home & Away: 895,000
Gogglebox: 866,000
Paramedics: 651,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 3 November 2022

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  1. I’m over paramedic and ambulance shows and I’ve recently been tuning in to the Chase. Are they repeats or new episodes David?

    I may or may not have a slight crush on the Supernerd. And Larry seems to have a crush too-calling Issa “adorable”. 😛

    1. Chase Episodes are New on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday with Repeats on Thursday and Friday for who knows what reason

      Although at this time of year they’re likely all repeats

  2. The Handmaid’s Tale has always had high streaming numbers. It was getting 600,000+ during S1 at it’s peak, plus several hundred thousand in the overnights and more in +7s. And the usual 30% extra if you counting regional viewers. And given that there are still 400,000+ streaming it 54 episodes in, it seems likely they will stream the S5 final, S6 and The Testaments as well, which is why Hulu keeps making it. What they won’t do is watch stuff on SBS anymore.

    1. Nine News seems to have been on a slide for about a month and has lost about 100,000 viewers each night of the week (Seven have stayed static and Ten have dropped a little during the same timeslots so it does not seem that viewers are flocking to a different news service.) The strange thing is there have been no obvious changes in their presentation style, hosts or format – it just seems to be a sudden rejection by 12% to 15% of their metro audience and not anyone else’s audience. Very strange and I am open to theories as to what is happening.

      Ten are doing really badly across all timeslots now and especially with their 2.5 hour News/Project slot. Why they are unwilling to make any changes or do anything even vaguely different baffles me but they will have to do something eventually if they wish to remain viable.

      1. TV numbers drop 10-15% around the start of Daylight Savings. Maybe Seven has come up with enough sensationalist pieces about dangerous drivers, celebrities and rising petrol prices to keep more viewers. Or maybe people are bored with Millionaire Hot Seat and switching to The Chase. Paramount have switched to the same low budget contest show approach that Murdoch use to drive 10 into bankrupt in 2013. Then lose the network to Viacom due to ridculous claims out the value of the CBS output deal. A deal for shows that 10 has dumped from FTA and moved to Paramount+ anyway.

      2. What I find intriguing is that a lot more people are watching the second half of Seven and Nine news over the first half in most markets. It’s not like people are switching form one to the other, as it is happening for both – maybe because people are out later, home later, etc with DLST in some states. At our house we watch the fist part of the news and then leave as it drags on.

        With Nine News specifically I find they are more likely to have stories which appear to have some commercial interest like power prices, super market pricing, and of course “Domain – part owned by Nine” for housing. Seven tend to have misleading – almost click bate – headlines all over their socials – and maybe this is driving more people to tune in to the 6pm news so they see the actual stories.

    1. Yep totally, but for it to be sunk, the cruise company would have to pull up anchor and say thanks but no more.

      Ten still produced another Bachelor series when audiences are so exhausted of the format; plus broadcasting it in the non-ratings, sport mad January is pretty telling on how much faith they have in the show.

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