Tracy’s last A Current Affair wins timeslot, but ARIAs wraps low.

FIFA World Cup keeps SBS in third place for Thursday. Seven wins the night.

Tracy Grimshaw’s final episode hosting A Current Affair won its slot at 554,000 metro viewers, but the success didn’t translate to the ARIA Awards which followed.

Meanwhile the FIFA World Cup again pushed SBS into third network overall on Thursday.

The Chase was the top entertainment show at 456,000 / 269,000.

An extended Home & Away drew 408,000 / 375,000 then 7:30 (408,000), Claremont: A Killer Among Us (314,000), and ARIA Awards (243,000)  -down on 2020’s 287,000 (there was no TV broadcast in 2021). You Can’t Ask That was 227,000.

Later FIFA World Cup Switzerland v Cameroon led with 344,000 then The Front Bar (248,000), Q+A (201,000), Law & Order: S.V.U. (165,000).

Seven network won Thursday with 26.4% then Nine 23.5%, SBS 17.2%, ABC 16.2% and 10 16.7%.

Seven News was #1 with 795,000 / 772,000. A Kitchen Nightmares Australia replay pulled 138,000.

Nine News (586,000 / 583,000) was best for Nine. Hot Seat was 298,000 / 182,000. Ed Sheeran: Full Circle managed 156,000.

On SBS it was FIFA World Cup Uruguay v Korea Republic (143,000), SBS World News (108,000 / 95,000) and Arctic Sinkholes was 108,000 in two cities.

ABC News was 496,000 for ABC then The Drum (120,000) and Baby Surgeons (114,000).

The Project drew 274,000 / 163,000. 10 News First (225,000 / 138,000). A later Blue Bloods was 92,000.

Alva’s World on ABC Kids led multichannels at 132,o00.

The Morning Show: 105,000 / 62,000
Today Extra: 91,000 / 60,000
Studio 10: TBA

In Total TV numbers last Thursday were:

Love Island: 353,000
Home & Away: 897,000
The Front Bar: 467,000
Paramedics: 588,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 24 November 2022

This marks the last regular ratings wrap for 2022!

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  1. Ed Sheeran: Full Circle….was great viewing….not so much about the artist …it was about putting on the show….amazing….I really enjoyed it.

  2. ARIA’s have gone downhill a lot. There was a very cheap feeling to them and it was awkward how every tall person including co host Ruel had to lean down to the mics.

    Strangely they led off with best song and best album which traditionally are the final two awards. They also really milked the ONJ tribute by playing a video message by Chloe early in the show making you think the tribute would be soon but then holding it off till the very end.

    The music was good for the most part. If I was ARIA I’d scrap the awards and instead have a celebration of Australian music of that year with artists playing hit songs plus Hall of Fame and a in memoriam segment.

  3. I used to watch the arias back in the early days, but the coverage became very unwatchable from 2009 onwards. The ceremony was more like a fun school assembly. Between 2008-18 period, they chopped and changed broadcasters – Nine in 2009, 10 in 2010, Go! in 2011-13, TEN in 2014-16, Nine from 2017. THe day when they broadcastd the ARIA Awards on a multichannel, the ratings continued to sink to record lows.

  4. Disappointing for 10 to come last. They did very well with the Claremont special. As someone from east coast I was not familiar with the story and found it very intriguing.

  5. I’m not sure what they were going for with the ARIAs this year, but the staging left something to be desired, as did that ONJ tribute. It looked more like a fun business conference than a prestigious awards ceremony.

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