“We’re a family”: The Living Room bids farewell

10 presenters share the love as they reflect on 11 years of Friday night shows.

Amanda Keller, Chris Brown, Miguel Maestre and Barry DuBois last night farewelled viewers in their season finale of The Living Room.

With a year off air, the “rested” show hopes to return in 2024.

Last night there was a feeling of finality looking back on 11 years of Friday night shows. The cast spoke about their connection, from dealing with health crises to forging new friendships.

Chris: “(On the day of our very first episode) I got dumped by my girlfriend. So at my loneliest, lowest point, I walked into a studio to relative strangers in the three of you. And somehow I went from feeling so lonely to having best friends and family that have become brothers, sisters, and the closest people in my world.

Miguel: As we’ve grown up, it’s not been like a show… this has been our life just broadcast it to (the audience). I’m having the opportunity tobe with you has been the most amazing, best thing I’ve ever done,

Barry: “We’re a family. But something has been very powerful to me is the fact that there’s so many people out there, that I don’t even know, that gave me so much love and so much strength. And I credit you people, as well you guys of course, with my life. You saved me. You gave me the life I’ve got now and it’s it’s gonna be the greatest life ever. Love you guys.”

Amanda: “You can see how much it means to all of us. Now it’s only goodbye for now, we are resting for a year. Hopefully we’ll be back before too long. Merry Christmas to all of you and much love.”

Viewers also took to social media to share their appreciation.

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  1. That was a really lovely goodbye from The Living Room team. I’m going to miss Amanda, Chris, Barry and Miguel. I really hope The Living Room comes back in 2024.

  2. While I do agree with Matilda re no big makeover, o Christmas gift ideas, or giveways; o me, the 2022 final show wasnt a letdown. Since it started, I have always preferred it to Better Homes & Gardens. To me, the latter is too grande and not homely enough. I was shocked to hear The Living Room is being rested in 2023, and hope to see its return in 2024., and perhaps with the audience return. But even with no audience, just want it to return. The presenters will all be missed. Thanks for the 11 years thus far. Youve done a wonderful job.

  3. The final Xmas episode was a real let down Iโ€™m afraid. No big makeover or Christmas gift ideas or giveaways and the food and DIY I would never make. They didnโ€™t even sit down and celebrate or reminisce. Who ever is in charge of this show has just watered it down and lost interest I get why it needs to be improved, my kids and I were bored stiff. None the less they will be missed.

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