Returning: Death in Paradise

Crime & capers on Saint Marie return to ABC in February.

Season 11 of Death in Paradise will screen on Sunday nights on ABC in February.

This has previously screened on subscription TV.

The sun-soaked, smash-hit whodunnit returns for more murder mysteries with a light touch and a warm heart.

DI Neville Parker has more crimes to solve on the blissful island of Saint Marie, while also dealing with the emotional complications of working at close quarters with DS Florence Cassell.

Episode 1
When a seemingly simple kidnapping ends in murder, Neville and the team must work out what went wrong and how someone ended up dead.

7:30pm Sunday February 12 on ABC.

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  1. I have watched this show from the beginning because it’s easy viewing but I’m struggling to like the character of Sargent Thomas she’s not got a funny bone in her body, as for DI Parker I’ve said before his hypochondriac tendencies and allergies grate on me and make my allergies flare up watching him. I’m not that impressed with Series 12 either, the show needs an injection of more comedy and more appealing actors again to help it along. But I do prefer UK shows to some over the top US shows.

  2. Why did ABC repeat series 9 on their main channel and repeated series 10 on ABC Kids or whatever it is called now. I would have thought it would have been better the other way around because the Christmas special did not make any sense as it was at the end of series 10 not series 9. There was another Christmas special screened on BBC 1 for 2022 which followed Season 11.
    I enjoy the show and those who say finish it, there is always an off switch.

  3. This is another great UK show . But why are our funds provided to the ABC paying fees to broadcast UK shows ? Surely an Australian Public broadcaster should be making Australian shows , first & selling those onto commercial stations oversees Recently every Sat/Sunday show was an UK repeat ! . Would not it be cheaper to have a BBC licence ,my London flat owners said it cost $170 or so some years ago. Then we could watch the BBC from here .

      1. Horses for courses, but I stopped watching after the latest detective came on board – he was just pure annoying.

        It seems to me that this show along with a few other English crime shows (I am looking at you Midsomer Murder) are all very formulaic. You see it here in Death in Paradise week after week – murder, four suspects, a few misleading story lines and voilà the detective gets a blinding flash of insight and solves the case, while he has the four suspect sitting around in a truth circle.

        The setting and side stories along with an unlikeable lead character are no long enough to keep me engaged. So for me it is a no watch, but if it rocks your boat – then fine, be my guest.

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