Dr. Chris Brown signs with Seven

Seven swoops on 10 star, set to join the network from July.

Seven has signed 10’s Dr. Chris Brown to join the network from July following this year’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

He started his television career on Harry’s Practice two decades ago before his starring role on Bondi Vet.

Seven West Media Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, James Warburton, said: “We are very pleased to welcome Chris back to Seven. It’s been too long.

“Chris is one of the most popular and recognised people on Australian TV, bringing warmth, intelligence and a great sense of humour to everything he does. We can’t wait to have him on board and to announce the great new content he will star in.”

Chris said: “I’m not entirely sure my old access pass works but once we get over that hurdle and I’m back from the jungle, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into some exciting new projects in the second half of the year and beyond with Seven.”

Seven swooping on the TV vet should come as no surprise, given his enduring popularity with viewers.

The loss of The Living Room also made the cast become available for poaching. 10 plans to return the series next year, but that may now be in jeopardy.

As Amanda Keller told TV Tonight, “We all can’t just sit out here and wait. But the four of us would always make time to make another show together, to make The Living Room together. But it’s a bit of an ask that we’re all going to be available at the same time. That’s the risk that Channel 10’s running here. That’s what upsets me, I think.”

Seven will announce details of Brown’s new projects later this year.

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  1. I’m surprised that he can’t work over 2 networks like Sam Pang, Tom Glesson and others Sam being on HYBPA (Channel 10) and The Front Bar (Channel 7) while Tom is on Hard Quiz (ABC) and on TicketMaster (Channel 10)

  2. Nooooo! This is so terrible Chris Brown deserves to be on 10. So shame on them for getting rid of The Living Room with seriously the best magical foursome as hosts 😩😢

  3. Will miss him from all his 10 shows….I reckon for sure BH&G….but I wont watch that show…much as I like Dr Chris….just hope he watches his back…you can get dumped as quick at you get signed over there.

  4. That’s sad for jungle and the dog house.
    Wonder if Julia will still stay as host for the jungle and if they will get someone else.
    And who will narrate the dog house now I wonder.

  5. Dr Harry’s eventual replacement on Better Homes & Gardens, id say…..

    Brown could also be the main-fill-in host for The Morning Show when Larry’s away filming The Chase…

  6. If I was CB and 10 couldn’t find a million dollars to match 7 for me, whilst paying Lisa Wilkinson that for not appearing on air – I’d ditch them too.

  7. I personally feel he suffered from over exposure. Reading between the lines one can assume he is being groomed for a high profile role bad like others can see him fronting Sunrise.

  8. Wow! I wasn’t expecting this! As other commentators have said, this is certainly Seven’s gain and 10’s loss. Maybe we have a new Recruit for SAS Australia? A host for Ultimate Escape?

  9. Good move for Dr Chris Brown. Dr Harry on BH&G would be getting close to retirement I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a transition. This seems like a logical and great move one Sarah Harris should be doing sooner rather then later. Ten is sinking.

    1. Doubtful as it sounds like seven are signing him as a network talent similar to what Manu has.

      IACGMOOH has always seemed to be on the bubble so maybe the bubble will burst. As for The Dog House, I don’t think its that big of a deal to replace him.

  10. That is one of the best moves Seven have made so far this year. Only hope is he is not treated as a “Poster Boy” for Seven’s publicity and viewers get sick of seeing him. It will be interesting to see what they have planned. Seven’s gain Ten’s loss amongst many other epic fails for Ten. Now waiting for Amanda’s next move, as for The Raging Bull a little time out to pasture might help to calm him down. Barry well that goes without saying, he’s willing to do another cameo on Neighbours and has pitched a few shows about so hope something comes from that.

  11. I don’t particularly like Dr Chris Brown, but man that is huge news. I associate him completely with Ten. How did they let him slip through? Woweeee.

  12. If ever there was proof wanted as to the continued incompetency of TEN’s upper management, then this is it! I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here was enough reason to lock him in long term in the first place, let alone The Dog House or TLRoom.

  13. Bad move by 10 allowing Dr. Chris to go. I know he won’t be on future seasons of I’m a celeb but who will Julia Morris say “hellooo docteeeeur!” to now. Channel 10 should have saved him or given him these opportunities ch 7 are possibly gonna give him if they think he’s so popular.

  14. I think this is a good get for Seven. I started paying attention to Chris Brown since I’m A Celebrity. However, I am sad that he and Julia will be split up because they (in my humble opinion) had such strong chemistry on screen.

    It will be really interesting what Seven has in store for him. Who knows…we might even see him making occasional appearances on the breakfast shows.

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