Returning: The Larkins

UK period drama is returning to ABC in March.

Season 2 of UK period drama The Larkins has its Free to Air premiere on ABC.

Set in the Summer of 1959, the 6 part series was released internationally in October 2021.

Pop (Bradley Walsh), Ma (Jo Scanlan) and their many children including Baby Oscar are preparing for another
riotous school holidays. Only Mariette (Joelle Rae) is missing, zigzagging across Europe on her honeymoon
with Charley (Tok Stephen).

Primrose (Lydia Paige) is leaving school and planning a career as a journalist. With Ma’s help she lands a job at The Mid Kent Times. She’s also looking for love which comes in the handsome shape of Rev Candy (Maxim Ays), arriving in the parish much to the chagrin of gnarled old Vicar (Peter Davidson) who is determined to exploit his new housemate.

The other newcomers are Pinkie Jerebohm (Morgana Robinson), her waspish husband (Julian RhindTutt) and their two dreadful children. They are determined to buy crumbling mansion Bluff Court from Pop Larkin but then regret paying such a high price. When Pop won’t give them a refund the Jerebohms vow revenge …

First by taking up shooting, increasingly loudly and then, with the help of Alec Norman, by entrapping Pop.

Other highlights of the series are several tumultuous gatherings of our village regulars including Pop-fanatic Miss Pilchester (Amelia Bulmore) and local VIP Johnny Delamere (Robert Bathurst). They include a barbecue, wheelbarrow race, funfair, and a mass christening in a swimming pool – all held on the Larkins’ sun- kissed Kent farm. Then the return from their honeymoon of Mariette (Joelle Rae) and Charlie (Tok Stephen), bringing exciting news.

7:30pm Saturday March 11 on ABC.

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  1. This is a great show with eccentric people who are my kind of people. I loved the Darling Buds of May with David Jason and Pam Ferris and the very young Catherine Zeta Jones. As Pa Larkin says “perfick”.

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