TVT Vault: Amanda Keller: “That’s the risk Channel 10’s running here.”

“A year down the track who knows.... people have to feed their families, people want to keep working."

It was only in November that The Living Room host Amanda Keller told TV Tonight, she feared Channel 10 resting the show might mean her co-stars would shift to other projects.

Today Chris Brown signed with Seven, to join the network from July after he concludes on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Brown also narrates The Dog House for 10 and appears regularly on The Project.

Without Brown, 10’s plans to return The Living Room in 2024 will be a major revamp indeed.

Keller raised eyebrows within the network with this interview:

Originally published 25 November 2022

“We’ve been told that we are being rested and having a tweak and retjzush, fluffing up the cushions and having a play again, we hope the following year. My concern as always is TV’s like a fast-moving river. The four of us as a force is such a rare thing,” she says.

“Chemistry, whether it’s on radio or TV, is such an elusive thing and the four of us have that in spades. We all can’t just sit out here and wait. But the four of us would always make time to make another show together, to make The Living Room together. But it’s a bit of an ask that we’re all going to be available at the same time. That’s the risk that Channel 10’s running here. That’s what upsets me, I think.

“A year down the track who knows what commitments… people have to feed their families, people want to keep working. We would do anything we could to be with each other again, but it’s a big ask.

“Our brand is something that’s so strong and so healthy, that you don’t want to muck around with it. But I don’t want to sound ungrateful. 10 have been amazing. But it’s a big thing to be cavalier with.”

Despite this, Keller remains grateful to 10 for giving the show a home for so many years.

“I don’t want to sound bitter. I’m very, very grateful that we’ve had 11 years, which has been incredible. You don’t want to be one of those shows holds on longer than you’ve got juice. But I already felt that this last year has been our best. We’ve had a couple of years, yes, that I think we went in directions that weren’t particularly us. But I do feel that this last year has been our best incarnation yet. And that’s why I was really surprised at the timing of the resting.”

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  1. This is the worst new so far of 2023. And shame on 10 stopping The Living Room we will never get to see the best four host combo on any show, well anywhere actually. So sad.

  2. So does this mean Chris Brown won’t be doing I’m a celebrity next year? Or will he still be able to do both like some people do with more than 1 network?

  3. Yep Ten made a stupid move dumping The Living Room. They wonder why it didn’t rate better but they showed it no love at all when it came to promoting the next Episode, instead we would get a thousand bachelor or Masterchef promos and TLR Would be ignored. Now they have lost one of their best talents and their Fridays suck just like their Sats, it’s just pointless watching 10 on those days now.

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