AFL draw delivers Seven best night so far this year

A Richmond - Carlton draw drives a big win for Seven on Thursday.

The AFL has bounced back for Seven with a Richmond – Carlton draw pushing the network to its best share so far this survey year.

AFL averaged 522,000 metro viewers and topped multichannels as well. NRL drew 349,000 for Nine.

Sport meant it was a staggered night of schedules but in entertainment stakes The Chase topped the list at 428,000 / 283,000.

7:30 was 365,000 then Taskmaster (270,000), Foreign Correspondent (265,000) and Dinosaur with Stephen Fry (103,000).

Gogglebox was 395,000 then Grand Designs: The Street (194,000).

Seven network won Thursday with  34.7% then Nine 26.9%, 10 16.6%, ABC 14.5% and SBS 7.3%.

Seven News was #1 at 773,000 / 772,000. Home & Away was 248,000 in 3 cities. In select cities were Dogs Behaving (Very Badly) (158,000), and Air Crash Investigations (76,000).

Nine News drew 673,000 / 668,000 for Nine. A Current Affair was 426,000 then Hot Seat (331,000 / 232,000). In select citires were RBT (181,000), Paramedics (148,000), Australia Behind Bars (68,000).

The Project pulled 212,000 / 153,000 then 10 News First (202,000 / 126,000), and The Montreal Comedy Festival (113,000).

ABC News drew 483,000. The Drum (138,000) and Griff’s Canadian Adventure (129,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (102,000 / 91,000), London’s Super Tunnel (59,000), Mastermind (55,000) and Vigil (44,000) which has boomed in Total TV numbers.

Today Extra: 110,000 / 76,000
The Morning Show: 107,000 / 67,000

In Total TV numbers last Thursday were:

Vigil: 258,000
Home & Away:

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 16 March 2023

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  1. All week Seven was running promos for Air Crash Investigations featuring a Qantas plane and asking a question “could something this small (a small metal part) bring down a plane?”. The program had nothing to do with Qantas. It was an American airline that had a safe hard landing caused by human error(s) and weather. A “small metal part” was not mentioned as it had nothing to do with the hard landing.

    1. Presumably the wrong episode ran? Does happen from time to time. ABC played same episode of Mad As Hell two weeks running a couple of years back.

      1. They played S22 E7. Don’t know of any episode that covers a Qantas crash, especially a Qantas crash attributed to a small piece of equipment. Qantas last had a fatal crash in 1951 when 3 were killed. Perhaps Seven readers could enlighten which ep of ACI features a Qantas plane ‘brought down by a tiny piece of equipment’?

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