7News Spotlight: April 30

Liam Bartlett in Florida speaks to Thomas Markle Snr, son Tom Jnr & daughter Samantha about their most famous family member.

On Sunday’s 7News Spotlight Liam Bartlett speaks to Thomas Markle Snr, son Tom Jnr and daughter Samantha in Florida about the ongoing tabloid estrangement with Meghan Markle.

Host Michael Usher also reports the latest Coronation news from London, where one royal watcher reportedly drops yet another Prince Andrew bombshell.

Thomas Markle Jr. has previously featured on Big Brother: VIP and Thomas Markle Sr. on Sunrise.

As the world prepares to watch the Coronation of her estranged in-laws, rogue royal Meghan Markle will need to keep her eyes on this week’s 7NEWS Spotlight for a fresh attack closer to home.

On the eve of King Charles III and Queen Camilla’s big day, it’s her fractured US family who threaten to steal the show.

In an explosive and exclusive new interview to air 8.30pm this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus, the “dying” dad of the Duchess of Sussex makes a desperate plea to his once-devoted daughter: please make peace with me before it’s too late.

Showing signs of having suffered a stroke, Thomas Markle Snr joins his son Tom Jnr and daughter Samantha for their first reunion since the former Suits star married Prince Harry and “iced” them out of her life.

Grilling the Markles is 7NEWS Spotlight’s Liam Bartlett, who joins the tabloid-loving trio at Samantha’s Florida home, where they throw a few shrimps on the barbie and their famous half-sister under another bus.

Sharing “treasured childhood videos” of Meghan, including never-before-seen footage of the Hollywood star as her high school’s homecoming queen, the Markles accuse her of swapping her regal role for the full-time job of “hurting” her sickly father and allegedly lying about her life before marrying into the monarchy.

Responding to claims made by Meghan in her Oprah and Netflix specials, Samantha, or “Bonnie” as her family calls her, hits back at her half-sibling over what she calls a “co-dependent” and “toxic relationship” with Prince Harry.

Under-fire Palace officials will cringe at the latest airing of Markle dirty laundry, as they attempt to cleanse the image of an already embattled King and his wife.

8:30pm Sunday on Seven.

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