ABC issues corrective note after Q+A question

"A questioner incorrectly referred to himself as a Vietnam veteran," says ABC following ANZAC Day eve episode.

ABC has issued a statement following a person identifying themselves as a Vietnam veteran when asking a question on Q+A.

In a statement ABC said, “During the 24 April episode of Q+A, a questioner incorrectly referred to himself as a Vietnam veteran. His description of an incident that was detailed during the program was inaccurate.”

While it isn’t clear how the error occured in 2022 Executive Producer Erin Vincent told TV Tonight, the Q+A team takes steps to verify information, especially where individuals are selected to ask a question.

“We have pretty strict processes to make sure that people are who they say they are. We do ID checks when they come through the doors of our studios and we do background checks,” she explained.

On Monday Q+A‘s Twitter feed also advised, “Due to technical difficulties, we have been unable to publish your #QandA tweets during tonight’s live broadcast. We apologise and are working to fix the problem.”

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  1. Before my brother was killed in Vietnam in 1971 he trained National service conscripts in jungle warfare at Canungra here in Queensland before going to Vietnam but not all of them went to Vietnam (they have a selection process) some remained in Australia and yet some still do refer to themselves as Vietnam vets, we met several at the opening of the The Australian Vietnam Forces Memorial in Canberra on 3rd October 1992…. IMO I never judge.

  2. Interesting. If someone identifies as, say, indigenous or homosexual (which could be relevant in terms of life-experience in providing advice) how could they “prove” to Q&A that they really are who they claim to be?

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