Have You Been Paying Attention? returns with timeslot win

10 panel show had an easy win over the competition which bodes well for a long season ahead.

Have You Been Paying Attention? has returned with a timeslot win, well ahead of the competition, with a National TV Audience of 845,000 viewers.

Failing some serious contenders, that bodes well for a long season for 10 this year.

Topping entertainment however was Farmer Wants a Wife at 1.1m winning its slot over MasterChef Australia (710,000), Australian Story (689,000), 7:30 (686,000) and The Summit (504,000).

Following HYBPA? were Media Watch (579,000), Four Corners (571,000), 9-1-1 (432,000), Paramedics (291,000).

Seven News was #1 at 1.45m then Home & Away high at 896,000 and The Chase (733,000). SWAT drew 189,000.

Nine News averaged 1.25m with A Current Affair leading on 1.01m along with Tipping Point (759,000).

ABC News drew 902,000. Hard Quiz (433,000) and Q+A (298,000) followed.

The Project pulled 388,000 for 10 then Deal or No Deal (357,000) and 10 News First (347,000). Anne Edmonds: Why is My Bag All Wet? was 211,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (152,000 / TBA) and Tony Robinson’s Marvellous Machines (148,000).

Sunrise: 417,000
Today: 318,000
News Breakfast: 255,000

National Total TV: Monday 13 May 2024

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  1. Wow, Hard Quiz repeats are doing better than what’s on 10 at the same slot and what the Drum used to pull in. Maybe they should just make Hard Quiz’s new episodes a 6.30pm staple? They just need something interesting on at 6pm…

  2. I was giving The Summit another go but only last half an hour. They seem to spend an awful lot of time sitting around doing nothing and just talking about the money. They are supposed to be on a strict time limit to get to the top aren’t they? We all know a couple of them will get there but it’s just too boring for me. Back to hoping farmer Bert gets outta there quick! lol

    1. I can’t remember where I read it, but somewhere I read that last year, you could have reached the summit of Mount Head, a peak in the Southern Alps, within 5 hours. However, for the show, it took them 2 weeks to get there. Hilarious!

      1. I love this fun fact! Hahahah – 2 weeks filming for multiple weeks of +1hr content on air is like the reverse of a quality over quantity filming ratio. Lame padding

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