How about a faceless person staring out at a body of water?

TV shows just love moody images even if they all borrow from the same concept.

Back in 2015 I noticed a publicity trend in which television shows were all using the same concept idea… a moody image of an actor photographed from behind and staring into a body of still water.

They included Foxtel’s Tassie drama, The Kettering Incident

2013’s Top of the Lake, filmed by Jane Campion in New Zealand….

And ABC’s The Secret River miniseries…

But we’re not done yet with a recent promo image from Alone Australia (below) and Disney’s upcoming local drama The Clearing (pictured top).

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  1. I recall hearing an “expert” on the radio talking about dating app photos. It appears that women gravitate towards a man looking outwards into the distance. Maybe the same concept – there is something that draws us in when the person is looking away.

  2. This image concept certainly has become popular in recent years. That being said, it is starting to approach the point where it is becoming a bit overused. It could begin to lose its signifiance to the audiance.

  3. As a person involved in video on a daily basis (its what I do after all), it can be looked at two ways. Either they all thought the first time it was used was such a good idea it was copied (ad infinitum) showing that imitation is the “sincerest form of flattery”, or the lack of imagination is so rife (and laziness plays a part too) that nobody can be bothered to think of something new.

    I suspect the latter FWIW.

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