Thank God You’re Here returning to 10

No foolin', this time a revival really is happening with a new look and new host on 10.

No foolin’ this time, check the date… April 2!

Much loved comedy improvisation series Thank God You’re Here is being revived by Network 10.

10 has teased its return with a mysterious door during on air promotions during the Australian Grand Prix, designed to ignite an audience guessing game.

TV Tonight can confirm that tease is indeed for the show frequently requested by fans to return.

Casting has been underway recently for actors with improvisation skills, as the show opens a new door with a new host, Celia Pacquola.

The Working Dog series ran for three seasons on 10 from 2006 – 2007 before being poached by Seven for a final season in 2009.

Host Shane Bourne famously welcomed performers such as Tony Martin, Hamish Blake, Rebel Wilson, Julia Zemiro, Anh Do, Stephen Curry, Shaun Micallef,  Glenn Robbins, Frank Woodley, Adam Hills, to enter a door where actors greeted them with the catch-cry, “Thank God You’re Here.”

The guest performer would then stumble their way through an improvised scene without quite grasping the scenario or the challenge at hand. Tom Gleisner judged performances, choosing a weekly winner.

It drew bumper ratings for both networks and spawned international editions including in the USA, UK, Russia, China, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Mongolia, Vietnam, Sweden, Turkey, Israel, Indonesia and more.

Daniel Monaghan, Senior Vice President Content & Programming, Paramount ANZ said, “The much-loved comedy program is walking back through that door and onto our screens later this year.

Thank God You’re Here holds a special place in our hearts at Network 10. It was one of the most talked about shows on Australian television and was responsible for launching and celebrating a wealth of intelligent, lively and hilarious Australian talent.

“The show’s fast-paced and quick-witted format resonates, captivates and engages viewers. We’re so excited for the show’s return to our screens and we can’t wait to see what we’re about to walk into next! To put it bluntly… thank God it’s back!”

Michael Hirsh, Working Dog said, “Thank God a new generation is here! We loved making Thank God You’re Here a few years ago, and feel the time is right for a new bunch of comedians to go through the blue door. We have brought the show back for 2023 and beyond with a new host, the wonderful, multi-talented and funny Celia Pacquola along with new judges, new ensemble, and new guests. We can’t wait to see this new crop of funny people bullshit their way out of sticky situations.”

Celia Pacquola sai, “I’m so excited Thank God You’re Here is coming back, and I’m thrilled to host because that means I’ll be in the best position to watch it. I can’t wait to send comedians through the big blue door and not have to go through it myself.”

In 2014, co-creator Rob Sitch told TV Tonight, “It took us a couple of years to work out the difference between (the show) and improv. It’s actually about ‘bullshit’ and we worked out that bullshit is really funny. I guess it’s an arm of improv, but a very specific one and maybe Australians are particularly amusing when they do it.”

9 years ago Sitch also indicated the show would be best suited to a revival when there were a new wave of young comedians to incorporate.

“…you could almost do it again now because there are a lot of new people that are available,” he said.

It’s taken until 2023 for that time to arrive, with Have You Been Paying Attention? and The Cheap Seats proving there are more than a few fresh comedians at the top of their game, finding new audiences.

And for the record, nope this is not a belated April Fool’s gag.

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  1. @Jimbo K: Ad don’t forget Utopia also.

    Really happy to see this back. Celia (who is always eminently watchable) gets a nice gentle job back after maternity leave. I don’t watch a lot of Ch. 10, but this is definitely on my “I’ll be tuning in” list

  2. It is good to see TGYH back on our screens after a 14 year hiatus and I expect this show to be one of the better shows for 10 this year.

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