VOZ data tipped for May, new ratings standard from 2024?

Speculation new VOZ data may be released next May but running in parallel to current ratings for the short term.

OzTAM is yet to indicate when its new Virtual Australia (VOZ) will launch and reshape TV ratings, but a report today suggests data cold be available from May.

This will bring together both Overnights and BVOD numbers to better reflect how Australians are consuming television, and effectively lift numbers across the board.

However Mumbrella also reports, it’s not likely to instantly become the unified currency, as the legacy OzTAM ratings are expected to run in parallel until the beginning of 2024.

One ad exec, Michael Stephenson and SVP of revenue and distribution operations at Vevo, noted “…next year on 1 January or thereabouts when it becomes the currency, we will be one of the first markets in the world that has created a cross-platform measurement system that is gold standard, third-party verified, and is used by the entire industry.”

An OzTAM spokesperson r4ecently told TV Tonight,OzTAM is working towards releasing the next iteration of VOZ data and will provide further information soon.”

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing how this works. It sounds like it could provide a more accurate picture of just how well (or not well as the case may be) our favorite programs are performing.

  2. It just adds up the overnights, time-shifted, live streaming and later streaming figures to provide a single number., hopefully properly. Easier for comparisons but it can’t increase viewers or hide the decline in viewers as they move to the premium streaming sites. Nor will it change the fact that advertisers, and hence programmers, will be most interested in demographics.

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