Farmer too strong for Nine’s Summit

Eurovision pushes SBS share high, MasterChef wins in demos and scores in Total TV audience.

Part one of a Seven dating finale was too strong for a new reality adventure on Nine, while Eurovision drew a solid share for SBS.

Farmer Wants a Wife drew 668,000 metro viewers and topped entertainment.

MasterChef Australia, which outranked it in the demos, was 478,000 while Nine’s new quest The Summit debuted to 401,000 at 7pm. Grand Designs averaged 394,000 on ABC.

Later 7News Spotlight (414,000) again eclipsed 60 Minutes (364,000) with new ABC drama The Messenger at 238,000.

Eurovision Song Contest screening Live in the morning averaged 202,000 from 5am, but rose to 299,000 for the moment Loreen was announced as winner. The evening replay averaged 181,000 across its 4 hour broadcast, lifting SBS share very high.

Bluey pulled out 562,000 and topping multichannels, with another 99,000 watching a repeat.

Seven network won Sunday with 31.0% then Nine 27.4%, 10 16.4%, ABC 13.7% and SBS 11.4%.

Seven News was #1 at 836,000 with The Latest at 230,000.

Nine News was 755,000 for Nine with a late edition at 186,000.

The Project drew 326,000 / 168,000. 10 News First was 183,000 / 123,000. NCIS: Hawaii managed 163,000 with FBI at 89,000.

ABC News was 492,000. Compass (161,000) Antiques Roadshow (141,000) and movie: Misbehaviour (94,000) followed.

SBS World News was 139,000 / 98,000 for SBS.

In Total TV numbers last Sunday 10’s reality show finished ahead of the pack:

Midsomer Murders: 776,000
Lego Masters: 1.1m
MasterChef Australia: 1.28m
Farmer Wants a Wife: 1.22m
FBI: 223,000
Insiders: 514,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 14 May 2023

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  1. The replay of Eurovision at 730 was awaful they had cut so much of the original broadcast out. Where was Kate Middleton, Where was Benny from Abba where was Sonia performance of her runner up song from Eurovision. Where was Aleisha interview witht he Ukraine broadcast team person? If sbs going to do this next year please leave it alone and dont cut it down. Also time to replace Joel Creasey sorry needs to be replaced

    1. Sadly this happens every year. The live broadcast is already closing in on 4 hours, and with SBS adding ads every 2 or 3 songs, plus their own interview bits, they could be running over 4.5 hours and well past midnight.

      Agree about the commentary. Joel was terrible, while Myf seems we can’t handle a bit of rejection following just 21 points from the public that she had to tell us over an over about Australia’s “extraordinary” result. We get it. Ninth is extraordinary, just like fifth is at the Olympics when we’re hot favourite and world record holder in the 100m freestyle and fall apart.

  2. Watched Masterchef and flicked over to the Summit in the ad breaks. The Sunnit looked brutal in parts and that poor guy at the end who was crossing the bridge then got the rope cut because they were behind and had to make a decision.

  3. I watched 60 Minutes..it was more about how they tracked down the kidnapper….really interesting….so much work went into it…the needle in the haystack was one tower ping from his phone…just lucky he turned it on at that very moment….If you did not watch, you should…technology at its finest .

  4. I didn’t mind Summit, but I think that it’s just a lesser version of things I’ve seen before -especially The Bridge (also from Endermol) – replace Building a Bridge with Climbing a Mountain as the task, replace Flares with a Helicopter to give information and game twists to the contestants, replace Hugo Weaving narrating with Jai Courtney as an on location host, and it’s basically the same show and game with less interesting and more one dimensional contestants.

  5. I didn’t mind The Summit but I think it will get better now the participants know what they have to do to get the big bucks. The part with the last guy on the bridge getting the rope chopped was good.

  6. When was ‘The Messenger’ supposed to be set? That Falcon station wagon taxi was 35 odd years old, far too old to still be in use for a regulated industry like that, given how much constant use such a vehicle gets…

    1. When there were tariffs on cars, taxi plates cost $100,000 and fees were lower, Taxi’s were typically Falcon’s or Commodores where spare parts were available for a long time and they were kept running for 10+ years. Unroad-worthy taxi’s were a problem. Though as you point out that isn’t the case anymore. So it’s probably a d etail that Zusak remembered and put in the novel and they kept. Novel does have magical realism elements.

  7. The Summit didn’t do well in the younger demos, I’m not sure where this idea is coming from. It was 3rd in the younger demos behind Masterchef and Farmer Wants a Wife. It held onto a few older viewers out of Nine’s 6pm News and that was it. Definitely not a younger skewing show.

  8. It’s kinda cool how Australians are now trained to get up early to watch Eurovision (with apologies to WA viewers). I much prefer the live broadcast to the edited prime time version with interviews and subtitles. Thank you also to SBS On Demand for adding the live versions to catch up this year so we had a choice. I watch the semis live but then like to rewatch them on the Saturday night before the final and was happy they had the live broadcasts available in addition to the prime time versions. Really hope SBS got what they needed from the contest this year to encourage them to seek a new deal with the EBU. Maybe I’m off base but it seems to me that if any side were to back out it could be SBS for financial reasons. I don’t see what motivation the EBU would have to want to part ways. The semi finals this year suffered due to a smaller number of participating countries. They have Luxembourg back in the contest next year but I don’t see Russia and Belarus coming back any time soon.

    1. One does hear that the current SBS CEO (whose name escapes me) is much less interested in Eurovision than Michael Ebeid was. In fact, I think he’s on the record as talking about his focus being on wanting to tell local stories. List of participants for the next year is usually available in October, so I guess we will know by then.

      1. If SBS are getting 200-300k viewers from 5am on a Sunday morning – they would be nuts to disturb Eurovision. Plus the contest is so aligned with their values as a broadcaster.

        1. In VOZ ratings it was up to 403k for the live morning broadcast (winner announced)! 5th highest all day including prime time in 16-39 demo! Please don’t axe this SBS!

        2. Ratings at 5am don’t matter. Now if you add the 200k there to the 200k in the evening for 400k total, that’s a far more appealing proposition.

    2. Yes, SBS could be the ones not interested. They never got the ratings bonanza as hoped with Australia in it. 600k in 2013 to 200k this year, and this year was up. Participation fee could be as high as 200k, so that’s another cost. Now, if you add 200k live to the 200k evening for 400k total in the evening, those are more exciting numbers, and so returning to the days of event TV on the weekend clearly looks better for them.

      As for the EBU, they like Australia because it’s an extra country and more $$. Countering that, the public vote trashed us again in the grand final compared to the jury – 100+ pts different. Only KMH in 2019 got close with 20 pts difference. The EBU could be sick of the “why is Australia in ESC” question too. From a “one off” in 2015 to “we like you” now, is not transparent, nor does it match the conditions all other countries must meet for access to Eurovision.

      Ultimately, nothing is decided, so we wait and see!

  9. Summit is skewing younger than most Nine shows so they will probably wait for catch up before passing judgment. Still, the ungodly amount of promotion seemed to make little difference. It was even promoted quite shadily on the Sydney news with Peter Overton saying “it really is terrific”… what?

    Personally when I saw that it was two hours long I immediately lost interest. Jai Courtney is a great host though.

    1. “Peter Overton saying “it really is terrific”” – isn’t that diminishing the quality and authority of the newsreader! Cannot imaging Brian Henderson or Sir Eric uttering those words, other than in a sarcastic tone.

      1. I was very disappointed that Sunday night’s lead story on Nine News (in Victoria at least) was an extended Summit preview. Of all the news stories happening in the world that is what they devoted their first few minutes of coverage to. In-show promos in the news are not uncommon but as lead story it did diminish the news itself somewhat.

        As for The Summit – I found it watchable and well shot but extraordinarily slow-paced. There was no more than 20 minutes of content in the interminable first episode. It also needed the host to be in there with the action, scaling gorges with the contestants.

        Notably it is one of the few shows watched by more Sydney people than Melbourne based – no explanation for it but I think a rare enough occurrence to be noted.

        1. Did Nine News really make an extended preview of The Summit their lead story on the 6pm news? Surely there were more important stories to cover.

    2. Comments here are harsh. The Summit was a new show launching against Finale of Seven’s #1 reality show of the year so far and Ten’s biggest hit of the past decade.

  10. Respectable start for The Summit, especially with younger viewers. Doubt Nine would have expected much more going up against the finale of Farmer. Tonight will be interesting.

    The Messenger looks like another Sunday drama dud for ABC.

    1. Not sure avoiding coming 4th by 7000 is a decent start. I’m sure the budget of The Summit is massive, so as far as dollar per viewer, I reckon it’s the biggest flop of the year!

        1. Dude, it didn’t even feature in the demos! There’s one thing to protect a show you probably are involved with in some capacity, but you gotta at least load your argument with some facts. It’ll do ok tonight with less competition, but last night’s 2 hour snore fest will have done the damage.

  11. 10 can be competitive. Their big problem is their feed-in shows i.e. The Project. I still say they move the project to 6-7pm and launch primetime at 7pm.

  12. Ouch for Summit! Not what I was tipping at all, expected at least double, given all the marketing, there’ll be some phone calls and make goods happening at North Sydney today… Wonder what this means for Blow Up on a rival tonight, nerves? And more so they’re Million Dollar Island soon. Well done 10 and SBS too, even ABC with Bluey. Geez FTA is getting tougher isn’t it, sadly.

    1. Phone calls and make goods to Mount St. Thomas, WIN Hq at Wollongong more kindly and locally know as “The Summit”. “FTA is getting tougher” but the recent spate of long promos masquerading as news items is too much. Even ABC is not immune to this, making FTA tougher to watch.

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