Paying Attention tops entertainment, MasterChef leads new reality battle.

10 shows lead primetime entertainment while Seven's new reality series struggled for oxygen.

Have You Been Paying Attention? has rebounded for 10 in its 11th season, with a debut audience of 633,000 metro viewers.

That topped the demos and led entertainment on Monday.

There was also a new reality battle last night led by MasterChef Australia at 552,000. Next in the slot were 7:30 (467,000), Australian Story (436,000), The Summit (400,000) and Seven’s new Blow Up at a disappointing 288,000.

Elsewhere Media Watch was 399,000 then Four Corners (385,000), RPA (243,000) and Q+A (219,000).

Nine network won Monday with 27.2% then Seven 25.1%, 10 21.9%, ABC 17.9% and SBS 7.8%.

Nine News (819,000 / 813,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair was strong at 700,000 then Hot Seat (421,000 / 264,000). Nine News Late was 159,000.

Seven News was #1 at a high 993,000 / 930,000. The Chase was 582,000 / 330,000 with Home & Away at 473,000. 911 was just 169,000 with 911: Lone Star at 117,000.

The Project drew 321,000 / 197,000. 10 News First was 263,000 / 172,000. Just for Laughs Australia was 239,000 with Ghosts at 96,000.

ABC News was 590,000. The Drum managed 159,000 for ABC.

On SBS it was SBS World News (141,000 / 110,000), Secrets Of The Tower Of London (113,000), Rise Of The Nazis: The Downfall (110,000), Reframed: Marilyn Monroe (89,000) and Mastermind (80,000).

9GEM’s Death in Paradise led multichannels at 141,000.

Sunrise: 232,000
Today: 196,000
News Breakfast: 95,000 / 42,000

In Total TV numbers last Monday were:

911: 471,000
MasterChef Australia: 963,000
Lego Masters: 1.04m
Coronation Concert (Nine): 349,000
Media Watch: 737,000
Home & Away: 980,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 15 May 2023

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  1. Blow Up – it will be relegated to Seven Mate or Seven Two within a fortnight.
    A reality series involving making stuff out of balloons – really, Channel 7 programmers?

  2. Love those numbers for 10….looks respectable again….Watching Masterchef with some emotional tugs….I missed the coronation and concert…no TV where I was.

    1. Q2 has become Ten’s best quarter each year for the past couple of years. Masterchef may not attract the audiences that it once did, but the show still has a decent following, and Nine and Seven are definitley having a bit of a challenge competing with it.

  3. Blown up was okay it was cool seeing what people can do with Balloons but I did. Get bored half way through not sure I’m interested enough to continue

  4. Whilst everyone is getting the grundies in a twist over which shows faired the best I gave the whole reality rubbish a wide birth and watched a movie instead. I’m done with the Nine, Seven and Ten channels and their reality offerings. The worst part is the contestants trying to convince the viewers how good they think they are. The old saying “Don’t go out in the wind with all those tickets on yourself” comes to mind and the endless ads promoting them…..The only decent and “uplifting” highlight was Seven News about Shane a homeless man living in his car who goes barefoot every night to QPAC to play the free piano and was finally invited in to play the grand piano at Queensland Symphony Orchestra. When you see something like that….it puts everything into perspective and you realise how people are struggling to get buy and cannot afford the luxury of watching Blow Up, Lego Masters or The Summit….It makes you wonder just where your priorities lie…..

  5. 10 does variety/entertainment tv well, most of the time. Pointless should have worked, wrong host. Bring back Blankety Blanks with Bob Downe or Hans The German. Bring back Sale Of The Century with (your choice). Bring back a 2 night a week Rove type show (Graham Norton hello!) possibly with Sam Taunton or he could host The Price Is Right. Just simple fun TV that isn’t fake & scripted beyond belief! And let’s hope Neighbours comes back a little more edgy & adult orientated in the vain of Eastenders, Emmerdale & Corrie.

      1. Gone are the days of 3 channels competing for ratings. Remember Sunday nights & which movie to watch on 7,9 or 10? I’m an SBSaholic & have been been for many years.

  6. Believe it or not, I actually quite enjoyed Blow Up and look forward to tonight’s episode. It’s a bit of light fun and the creations they make are amazing. There’s a lot of skill involved here.

    It’s a heck of a lot better than Making It.

    But yeah, I loved the dig at Blow Up in Lego Masters earlier this year.

  7. A reality show about blowing up balloons & making sausage dogs doesn’t interest me & by the looks of the ratings last night, not many others either.
    Can we please get more local drama in prime time – enough of this reality crap.

      1. It depends on the show, the lead-in, the competition. For example Part I of The Claremont Murders was 442,000 overnight (now at just under 1m). Only a year ago Underbelly: Vanishing Act was 719,000 overnight -thanks to MAFS lead-in. Messenger is not ABC’s best drama and had Grand Designs lead in, competition from Farmer finale etc. You can beat Newsreader will improve.

        1. A lead-in will help you get people checking out the first episode. Here GD is watched by over 60s and The Messenger is based on a 2002 YA novel, so it would have been better aired as an event on ABC3.

  8. On a different note, The Summit was third in its timeslot and not a single mention in the key demographics. Everyone here can hate Blow Up but I would be more objective and look at the stinkfest on Nine. It’s going to be a very long year for them.

    1. Give me a break! On Sunday The Summit premiered to 401,000. On Monday 400,000 people watched. How many shows lose 1,000 viewers from the premiere to episode 2? Seven would be shitting themselves over Blow Up, Nine not so over The Summit, One has prospects, the other has no hope. It is obvious to anyone.

      1. Using the retention argument is useless when it is still third in its slot and not a single advertiser-friendly demographic nod. Seven has far more going for them than Nine. Case closed.

        1. My impression, and I could be wrong so happy to stand corrected, is that The Summit probably ran second in 18-49, 16-39 and 25-54 demographics. Now is second place in anything really something to frown at? We’ll have to respectfully agree to disagree on this I think, but I do eagerly await Blow Up episode 2 numbers. It will be very interesting to see if they drops on episode 1. And yeah overnights aren’t the whole story but the vast majority of the time the 7-day figures and even BVOD numbers reflect the overnight rankings.

          1. Please stand corrected. Just like yesterday when you stated erroneously that it did exceptionally well in the demos (it didn’t even feature), episode 2 of The Summit also didn’t rate in the demos, nowhere near the second place you’ve claimed. Be a fan of the show as much as you want, but anchor your beliefs in reality, please!

          2. Yeah the demos haven’t been mentioned but I would assume The Summit was 2nd behind MC

          3. Why rely on your impression when you can look it up and find out it didn’t make the top 5 in any demographic? HYBPA? and MasterChef won the demographics, and 7 & 9 News filled out the top 5. Ghosts was a cynical terribly unfunny episode with an argument hanging over from last week, a rushed engagement a cliff hang to make a season final with no effort. Rose McIver is totally being wasted in that show.

        2. I would be curious to see what happens to Summits numbers

          While it started low it is notable that it retained audience – 400k clearly liked what they saw – How eagerly are those same day viewers recommending “that Mountain show on 9”?

          As I think i if Summit could be a word-of-mouth success that grows as the season goes on or has a substantial catch up bump.

      2. The Summit may not have performed particularly well, but to bring all but 1,000 of its viewers from night 1 to night 2 is an impressive feat. It signals that the overwhelming majority of people who watched the show liked it, which Nine has to be pleased about.

    2. You have a history of having a go at nine. But please be objective. Have you watched the Summit? Can’t get away from the fact that it is a quality production and exciting. Ratings are not everything, but I reckon when total TV numbers are in this will be almost double.

      1. Sunny, I am being objective. You too have a history of trashing Seven. It’s all fair game. I am entitled to my opinion and am proud to go on record declaring to be a Seven fan boy. If Mr Knox had a problem with it, my comments wouldn’t get published. No, I didn’t watch The Summit has the ads turned me off. Ratings are everything as it’s linked to sales.

      2. There’s no law against being a fanboy for a particular network or show, but you may expect to be called out on them from time to time. A reminder to all that respectful comments are required at TVT.

  9. I’m almost embarrassed ( OK not really ) for the highly paid Seven executives who were sucked in by ( insert production company name here ) to think a show about blowing up balloons into different shapes could replicate the success of LEGO Masters.
    It’s kind of sad, ( and the deflating ratings don’t lie ) but reinforced the great scriptwriter William Goldman’s quote that in the case of picking winners in the screen trade, that ” Nobody knows anything.”
    Certainly not in the case of the prospects of a show about a lot of ( not so hot ) air.

    1. keep in mind, it’s the same production who made LEGO who also make Blow up. I dare say it was them who went to Seven, ‘have we got something for you ….’

  10. Not surprised at the ratings for Blow Up. I’ll always support Australian shows on FTV, unless they’re terrible. Blow Up was terrible. My family lasted 10 minutes before everyone blew up and switched to Masterchef

  11. Looks like everyone had it right about Blow Up. Maybe 7 & others won’t be so quick to produce copy cat shows. Unfortunately that is 7’s stock in trade.

    1. “the total numbers will have to inflate by a massive amount to save it from being popped” – Presumably this would be how many streamed it. As an advertiser I’m only interested in how many watched last night, with my commercials, with a secondary interest in how many streamed it without seeing my commercials. How many advertisers have pulled their spots from Ep.2+ ?

  12. Great night two result for The Summitt, holding all of the premiere audience. Bodes well for rest of the season, Nine look to have launched a new hit.

    Same can’t be said for Seven.

    Ten’s veteran hits prove great comfort viewing. Can’t beat tried and tested it seems.

    1. There were 400k viewers each night, not necessarily the same ones.

      For arguments sake, 151k may have switched off and 150k tried it for the first time because Farmer wasn’t on.

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