Returning: The PM’s Daughter

Nothing is ever simple when your mum is the PM as ABC ME series heads back inside the Lodge.

Teen comedy-drama The PM’s Daughter is back on ABC ME for a second series in June.

The 10-episode series stars Cassandra Helmot as Cat, Natalie English as Sadie, Jaga Yap as Ollie and Claire Fearon as Prime Minister Isabel Pérez -plus a special cameo from Richard Roxburgh (Rake).

Cat’s finally found her groove as the PM’s daughter. But between a federal election campaign and a highly competitive tech internship, there’s no shortage of distractions … and that’s all before her mother’s love life starts making headlines.

Cat’s journalism aspirations are about to be put to the test as she digs to uncover her very first story, all while balancing the unpredictable complications that come with being the PM’s daughter.

With best friends Sadie Bonner and Ollie Yeung by her side, Cat’s about to discover that the truth can be far more complicated than she ever imagined. Nothing is ever simple when your mum is the PM.

In a timely story set against the rise of artificial intelligence, this season Cat uncovers a dangerous plot threatening the very foundations of democracy.

Production Credit: The PM’s Daughter Series 2 is a Fremantle Australia production for the ABC. Major production investment from Screen Australia in association with the ABC. Financed with support from the Australian Children’s Television Foundation and Screen NSW. Local distribution by the Australian Children’s Television Foundation. International sales by Fremantle International. Executive Producers: Warren Clarke, Tristram Baumber. Co-Executive Producer: Kieran Hoyle. Script Producer: Jessica Paine. ABC Executive Producer: Mary-Ellen Mullane. ACTF Executive Producer: Bernadette O’Mahony.

6pm Monday 12 June ABC ME with all episodes available to stream on ABC iview.

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  1. Me. old as dirt…love this series….binged it late in piece…It was soo well done…Looking forward to #2
    Oh, I also love Little Lunch as well….

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