Travel Guides, The Weekly win Wednesday slots.

A close tussle between Seven & Nine on Wednesday. 10 unveils new local drama.

It was a close battle between Seven and Nine share last night, while 10 debuted a new local drama, the first of several to roll out across TV this week.

Travel Guides won its slot at 534,000 metro viewers, defeating The 1% Club (480,000), Hard Quiz (461,000), MasterChef Australia (436,000), 7:30 (433,000) and Alone Australia (229,000).

Later The Weekly with Charlie Pickering led with 407,000 then North Shore (263,000), Accused (207,000 / 95,000) and Zelensky: Citizen at War (181,000).

Nine led in primary channels but Seven network pipped Wednesday with 27.6% then Nine 27.5%, 10 17.7%, ABC 16.5% and SBS 10.8%.

Seven News was #1 at 981,000 / 904,000. The Chase topped entertainment at 581,000 / 339,000. Home & Away drew 479,000.

Nine News (771,000 / 747,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair led at 616,000 then Hot Seat (370,000 / 229,000). Footy Classified was 166,000 across the network. Movie: Olympus Has Fallen was 146,000.

The Project pulled 285,000 / 194,000 for 10. 10 News First was 236,000 / 177,000. Law & Order: SVU managed 141,000.

ABC News drew 574,000. The Drum (166,000), QI (135,000) and Aunty Donna’s Coffee Cafe (130,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (147,000 / 129,000), Rogue Heroes (100,000) and Mastermind (82,000).

Bluey led multichannels at 108,000.

Sunrise: 226,000
Today: 185,000
News Breakfast: 99,000 / 54,000

In Total TV numbers last Wednesday were:

Rogue Heroes: 430,000
Alone Australia: 809,000
QI: 290,000
Accused: 451,000
Home & Away: 932,000
Travel Guides: 1.14m

OzTAM Overnights: Friday 10 May 2023

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  1. Sorry but North Shore was a disaster. Gave it 30 minutes, before both my wife and I looked at each other and said “let’s find something else to watch”

  2. Even given likely Total TV rises the figures for North Shore are a disaster for an expensive drama.

    It was placed in precisely the wrong timeslot on the wrong night and doomed before it started. It needed to be a 7.30pm program early in the week to have any chance.

  3. I didn’t mind episode one of North Shore, I hope Ten keeps it in that timeslot.
    I wonder how Masterchef will fare for the rest of this season? I admit I’m finding it weird watching a show featuring a judge who is no longer with us. And it makes you wonder who they replace Jock with next year on the judging panel – another celebrity chef, or a past Masterchef winner/contestant?

        1. I’m Glad 10 are airing it with the Family’s wishes. Jock would’ve wanted the season to go ahead.

          This season is phenomenal with some of the dishes so early in the season.

        2. I agree ,if they are now desperately reviewing episodes the fact is they should have waited regardless of the families decision , the man isn’t even in the ground yet and they couldn’t even wait a few weeks or more.

          1. I agree they could have waited… but….a rather crass term to use “in the ground” regarding a man who sadly passed away….where’s the respect…could have been more subtle there especially where is family is concerned incase they read your comment.

      1. I agree. Its too soon to be speculating publically on who should replace Jock. We only have so many episodes left to enjoy his work, and the spotlight deserves to be put on them.

  4. When will FTA networks get the message that dramas don’t work after 9.00pm. They need to air them earlier and be brave on a Monday or Tuesday, not Wenesday or Thursday. Experiment by promoting and airing them on another channel.

      1. Yes. It looks like SBS has found itself another hit in Rogue Heroes. As much as we want shows to do well in the overnight numbers, it is just as important, if not more important, that they perform well in Total TV.

        1. That was the last ep last night of a series that featured many absurdly wrong moments about real events and people (not folks and things from several centuries or more back!).

    1. Can’t see the Total TV numbers for 1% from last Wed? It will give an indication on how the show is faring overall. Being different to Travel Guides (which has a loyal following) is good, but it will take at least one or two seasons to establish the audience and regularly win its slot.

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