1.98m: State of Origin I draws biggest ratings so far this year

Nine draws a massive 50.5% share with the biggest State of Origin game since 2019.

State of Origin I has topped the 2023 ratings so far at a whopping 1.98m metro viewers and given Nine a huge 50.5% share.

In Sydney there were 804,000 viewers with 698,000 in Brisbane and is already the highest Game since 2019.

Of course those figures will only rise once regional numbers are added and BVOD official from 1pm today… Nine is already calling that as the highest Live BVOD of all time.

In entertainment stakes were The Chase (558,000 / 320,000) and Home & Away (423,000).

Hard Quiz drew 408,000 then MasterChef Australia (402,000), 7:30 (385,000), Code 1: Minute by Minute (215,000) and History of the Sitcom at 116,000 across two episodes.

A penultimate Weekly with Charlie Pickering drew 352,000 then North Shore (183,000), In Limbo (172,000), Accused (124,000 / 97,000).

Nine network blitzed the competition with a massive 50.5% share dominating Seven 17.4%, 10 13.2%, ABC 12.1% and SBS 6.8%.

Nine News was 771,000 / 766,000, being  a shorter bulletin in Perth. Hot Seat was 407,000 / 255,000.

Seven News won its slot at 955,000 / 880,000.

The Project drew 322,000 / 231,000 for 10. 10 News First was 231,000 / 190,000. Law & Order: SVU was 106,000.

ABC News was 515,000. The Drum (158,000) and QI (148,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (145,000 / 119,000), Mastermind (82,000) and Blue Lights (53,000).

Peppa Pig topped multichannels at 107,000.

Sunrise: 227,000
Today: 202,000
News Breakfast: 81,000 / 46,000

In Total TV numbers last Wednesday were:

Alone Australia: 899,000
Blue Lights: 297,000
In Limbo: 489,000
North Shore: 408,000
Travel Guides: 1.09m
MasterChef Australia: 653,000
QI: 329,000
Home & Away: 966,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 31 May 2023

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  1. It’s a funny one the SOO. Rates through the roof, but didn’t hear one person talking about it today (I forgot it was even on). Really is a made for tv sport!

  2. Yep big number for State of Origin with another 973,000 in Regional and 536,000 in BVOD being an overall of 3,311,000, has to make Nine happy.

  3. It’s good to see ‘In Limbo’ scoring well in Total TV numbers.

    Intrigued by last week’s opening, I iViewed the whole series (one ep per night to make the pleasure last). Bob Morley’s Nate strikes the right balance between breezy blokeyness and occasional poignancy. Ryan Corr’s Charlie carries off the confusion nicely as a best mate sinking in emotional quicksand while trying to do the right thing by everyone, human and spectral.

    There’s some unevenness in the sub-plots along the way but its worth hanging in for the final ep that provides a satisfying degree of resolution without tying things up too neatly – leaving the possibility of another series? I hope so because this first outing manages the difficult double act of wry, dry humour while taking mental health seriously.

    1. I haven’t started it yet but it’s good to know that the lukewarm reviews based on early episodes regarding the tonal balance of the show seems to smooth out toward the end, and that hook that it’s a satisfying ending has this back on my list of “next up” shows. Thanks for your thoughts Cameron!

  4. More miraculous to me is the fact a veteran show like Masterchef pulled a number with a 4 in front of it against such a top rating live sports event… practically unheard of for a show to do that against such strong competition in this climate right?

  5. Great ratings for Origin. I looked on Adelaide Oval FB page & noticed that kickoff time was scheduled at 8:05pm (AEST), though Nine said that the game will kick off at 8:10pm (AEST). It was so confusing having to determine the kickoff time between these two sites. Last year when Perth hosted Origin, the game started at 5:50pm (AWST), though playing on Sunday. 9’s treatment to its coverage was very poor – same old packaged content, shoving too much ads in telecast. 9 havent invested much with its NRL telecast for many years now. We had to put up with the stale commentary team more.
    At least there are alternate angles where you can watch the coverage meaning you don’t need to put up with the commentators and ads and promos of reality shows. I used Spidercam and am able to hear the crowd chanting ‘QLDer’ or ‘NSW’.

  6. Didn’t watch. Not remotely interested, but from News clips, what happened to the colour of the NSW outfits? Did someone put a lot of black socks in the washing with them last time? Did Jetstar lose their baggage and they had to take what was on sale at K-Mart? “Blues” looked oddly dark blue.

      1. Just repeating a comment by my daughter “Did Jetstar lose their baggage and they had to take what was on sale at K-Mart? “Blues” looked oddly dark blue”. No, I was not remotely interested. Am so over their thugby and continuing concussions. Have none of them ever watched “Concussion”?

  7. why are ppl so surprised?? really??? nine is a commercial tv network. so they play ads to make money! so during the game itself…during the ad break, what are the players doing…. nothing! ..just walking back to their position to re-start the game..so what have you missed….nothing!. graphics were great… commentary… can be better.. ratings.. awesome but could be better.

  8. Great ratings for the SOO, disappointing the Blues couldn’t get the win ): .. 9’s coverage terrible as I expected, awful commentary / graphics and ads during gameplay seriously.

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