10 Shake to rebrand as Nickelodeon Channel

Nickelodeon content moves from Subscription to Free to Air with a channel rebrand from Paramount in August.

10 Shake will rebrand as the Nickelodeon channel on Channel 13 from Tuesday, 1st August.

The multichannel will feature a premium suite of Nickelodeon content for the first time on free-to-air linear television.

Jules Borkent, Executive Vice President, Kids & Family for International Markets at Paramount said: “As the number-one entertainment brand for kids, Nickelodeon is home to the world’s most beloved characters and stories for kids of all ages. We are thrilled to bring our deep library of content direct to fans in Australia for free as we launch this new Nickelodeon channel.”

Daniel Monaghan, SVP Content & Programming, Paramount ANZ, said: “From television programming and production around the world, to consumer products, digital, location-based experiences and events, gaming, publishing and feature films, Nickelodeon offers something for everyone and now it is accessible to everyone on our free-to-air Nickelodeon channel.”

But the move will also signal the end of Nickelodeon content on Foxtel.

A Foxtel Group spokesperson said, “The way in which audiences view content has changed over the last few years. With the rise in on-demand viewing and streaming through the growing number of third-party apps integrated into our Foxtel offering, we have been on a journey of evolving our channel mix. With a diverse pipeline of content coming to on-demand via our long-term studio partners from around the world, third-party apps integrated into our Foxtel offering and our growing focus on premium Australian Originals, we have made the decision to make changes to our partnership with Viacom.”

Nick Jr.’s family favourites will kick-off the daytime slate, with our heroic rescue pups from powerhouse preschool series PAW Patrol, leading mighty missions for the morning run. Joining the paw-some pups will be much-loved preschool properties including Blue’s Clues & You!, Baby Shark’s Big Show!, Santiago Of The Seas, Bubble Guppies and Blaze and the Monster Machines. The exciting channel refresh will also welcome preschool series Bossy Bear and season three of Ryan’s Mystery Playdate for their free-to-air debut.

For the afternoon kick-back, our loveable SpongeBob SquarePants will be back for more under the sea adventures, while audiences will be delighted with more comedy and action-adventures from household titles such as The Loud House, The Thundermans, the original iCarly, The Casagrandes and Danger Force.

Plus, the Nickelodeon channel will showcase all-new animated comedy series for the first time on free-to-air including Middlemost Post, The Smurfs, Monster High and Transformers: EarthSpark.

Into the evenings, the Nickelodeon channel transforms into Nick@Nite offering premium content for mature audiences. The primetime Nick@Nite format will feature The Graham Norton Show, Gogglebox UK, The Middle and an assortment of movies from Paramount’s library of entertainment including franchises Mission Impossible, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes and Transformers.

To complement Nickelodeon’s free-to-air channel offering, Paramount+ will continue to host an array of Nickelodeon properties and exclusive first-run titles including hit series revival iCarly, Big Nate, Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years, plus the all-new YA full-length original movie Zoey 102, streaming soon.

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  1. What was the Nickelodeon content’s availability on Binge?

    Foxtel has in recent years been keen to corner the non-Disney children’s programming market, and dropping Nick stuff seems a reversal from that. As has it’s dropping of PBS Kids, and not picking up the BBC Kids feed available on Fetch.

    Fetch is now the only place to watch Nick Jr. and Nick Music. It also retains a Nick feed that is programmed entirely differently to the FTA one.

  2. It makes sense, 10 might as well make use of their owner’s IP. 10Shake as a branding isn’t exactly clear who it’s aimed at a glance. Calling your channel Nickelodeon is pretty straight forward and I reckon if they play their cards right it might end up sucking a bit from ABC ME & 9GO (I think some Nick stuff is on ABC ME already).

    It would be nice if 10 also invested in a local content for the channel, but since they don’t have too anymore pretty much all the commercial networks have stopped making local children’s content which is a shame.

  3. I’m a foreigner who just happened to come across this page when I heard that this is going to happen. Considering that AU’s own team ‘died’ last April and Nickelodeon pretty much became a mostly textless feed and short credits until it came with automated endboards towards the end of 2022. But I’m happy to see that another international Nickelodeon channel is going FTA after Germany and Greece since this feed is probably one of the most difficult feeds to find from IPTV playlists and needs more archiving especially before 2022, which many TV enthusiasts in the community are lacking. But one thing I would like to see is that the Australia team returns and the channel becomes fully texted, no automated endboards and full credits.

  4. So cool to see the Nick at Nite brand return to Australia after all these years, I was a huge fan of the original. Although according to this it will be completely different. It was a huge part of my teenage years, discovering shows like Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, Gilligan’s Island, Get Smart, Donna Reed, That Girl and so many others. A couple of which I am still obsessed with in my 30s. Was so gutted when it went away in late 2000, even though they had clearly been running it into the ground for a couple of years. But that was before the days where just about every show you could ever imagine was given a proper DVD release…. and now with all the streaming/on demand options in addition to that, I doubt I would watch the old Nick at Nite regularly anyway. Ironically, Nick at Nite itself has become nostalgia for me… especially with all those classic ads/bumpers they used to have. (Still have some of my VHS recordings digitised!)

  5. Well I’ll probably be cancelling my binge account. We mostly only keep it because my kids are obsessed with Spongebob. Does this mean it’ll be on paramount+ to stream?

    1. It’s not Paramount+ now along with a bunch of other Nick stuff.

      It might end up on 10Play as well in theory, at least to some degree.

  6. From memory, the first (or almost first) digital channel in Australia was a Ten Network dedicated sport channel. It failed because it lacked content.
    The ABC digital kids channel is a huge ratings hit. So Ten want to take some of this audience. It should do well since it will show programs its target audience likes. Just pity about the McDonalds ads!

    1. the primary reason for the success of ABC kiddie channels is the lack of ads-parental units aren’t keen on wall to wall ads assaulting the littlies.

  7. The original Nickelodeon (when it was on Galaxy) was originally known as Max (not the later music channel), but I do beleive it was rebranded to Nickelodeon when Foxtel was launched and most Galaxy channels were also on Foxtel, and the night programs on Max was Classic Max.

  8. From memory Foxtel had something like a 35% share in Nickelodeon Australia so I’m sure this decision will cost them a bit in the long term. But with another closure on Foxtel I really don’t know how they can justify the price increase next month.

  9. I rather thought that kids didn’t watch commercial fta much anymore-who’s the audience for this meant to be?
    And some people have the temerity to criticize me for not using network marketing titles for their stations…

    1. Likely trying to capture some of the ABC Kids Ratings that tend to top the Multi Channels outside of Sport being on, question will be if parents will go for it with there being adverts, even with them needing to comply with the regulations around children’s advertising prohibiting certain things.

      1. My kids only watch streaming or ABC kids. I don’t let them watch commercial TV. They also don’t understand the concept of watching “normal tv”, just whatever happens to be on. They want a particular thing on demand.

  10. Do we think Peach will become “MTV” and Bold will become “Comedy Cental” or “Spike” ?

    Bold/Peach (the names) didn’t really seem thought through anyway.

    1. “Bold” was a second choice. They used “Boss” until Nine Entertainment started legal action.

      Peach has very little alignment with the MTV brand, and Bold has even less with the two channels listed. Peach is a 2000’s sitcom channel, while Bold is an NCIS channel with other action oriented dramas.

      Bold is similar to the now defunct UK channel “CBS Action” (later “CBS Justice”). I don’t know of a Paramount family channel that’s similar to Peach.

      Ten Shake was named after Paramount’s UK FTA children’s brand Milkshake.

  11. Foxtel: “…we have made the decision to make changes to our partnership with Viacom.”

    1. Pretty sure the decision wasn’t yours.
    2. It’s Paramount, not Viacom. You can say the name of your competitor; it won’t kill you 😂


      1. No, they are under Paramount International Networks. The division is Paramount Networks UK & Australia. It ceased to be Viacom International in 2019 and ceased to be ViacomCBS International in 2022.

        1. The name is still legally Viacom.
          Head to the Nickelodeon, MTV, BET and their other assets websites they say copyright 2023 Viacom International. Just like their contracts will still be under Viacom.
          Just like Paramount ANZ is still legally Network Ten pty Ltd and WBD NZ is still Discovery New Zealand.

  12. would like to see some old school Nickelodeon/MTV cartoons late at night/early morning timeslot (Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, Daria, old Beavis and Butthead episodes not the reboot)

  13. Was hoping maybe they’d air ninja turtles series on there since Nickelodeon has the rights now. Would be cool to see episodes of Ren & Stimpy, Aaahh Real Monsters and Rugrats too.

  14. A “fascinating” move as Mr. Spock would say.

    Logically one would expect it to transfer to Paramount + to boost its numbers (as Disney did).

    Australia is being used perhaps as a test case for the rest of the world.

    As for NIck At Nite: more Graham Norton reruns is not much better than doubling the “encore” screenings of The Cheap Seats.

    1. The price is going *up* on July 1! According to Foxtel people’s viewing habits have changed though and they want to pay more for less content.

  15. Good move, always thought that would be a way to go in the past and turning into Nick@Nite is also how it should have been. Wonder if Star Trek will end up with re-runs of Strange New Worlds etc., be a way to maybe get people over to Paramount+ say like next year Season 2 replays on there and finishes up just before Season 3 starts on Parmount+ and they can advertise: “Can’t wait a year for Season 3 of Strange New Worlds, then join us on Paramount plus where it starts next week (or whenever it starts).

    1. I was surprised to see Ten airing Discovery, but it has been. If they felt that worked for them, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Strange New Worlds given the same treatment.

  16. So the Nick@Nite offering is basically the same rerun content they already have on Shake and Peach, plus replays of content from 10. I wouldn’t consider that “premium content”.
    Sounds like this is just Malibu Stacey with a new hat.

    1. Disappointing that Foxtel still haven’t pressed the buttons to allocate 10 Shake / Nickelodeon a channel number for IQ 4/5 customers who get their FTA channels via a terrestrial aerial. 7 Bravo and 9 Rush also are missing.

      1. Not only is 10 Shake, 7 Bravo and 9 Rush missing from Foxtel, but they are also missing the 7+ and Stan apps.

        Sometimes I wish the customer was the priority, not the almighty dollar and politics.

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