7News Spotlight bombshell pushes Seven to Sunday win

Interview had access to never-before-seen vision and audio. Bluey again tops entertainment on Sunday.

A bombshell 7News Spotlight report which included CCTV footage from Parliament House, and audio of Lisa Wilkinson prepping an interview won its timeslot last night.

Seven’s Bruce Lehrmann interview drew 600,000 metro viewers, well in front of MasterChef Australia (483,000) The Summit finale’s 462,000 (rising to 487,000for winner announced) and Designing a Legacy (295,000).

Later 60 Minutes led with 426,000 then Secrets of Prince Andrew (398,000), Silent Witness (251,000) and NCIS: Hawaii (162,000 / 104,000).

Bluey topped multichannels and entertainment at 529,000.

Seven network won Sunday with 32.1% then Nine 28.2%, 10 17.5%, ABC 14.1% and SBS 8.0%.

Seven News was #1 -just- at 818,000. Born to Kill managed 169,000 for Seven.

Nine News was pipped at 810,000 with a late edition at 280,000 on Nine. Australian Crime Stories was 117,000.

The Sunday Project pulled 307,000 / 191,000 for 10. 10 News First was 205,000 / 144,000.

ABC News drew 487,000. Compass (185,000) and The Messenger (106,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (159,000 / 107,000), Pompeii: The Secrets of Civita Giulana (107,000), Shackleton’s Endurance: The Lost Ship Found (104,000) and Patagonia (54,000).

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

Silent Witness: 476,000
Octonauts: 275,000
NCIS: Hawaii: 312,000
The Messenger: 328,000
MasterChef Australia: 830,000
The Summit: 772,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 4 June 2023

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  1. Rather surprised that the Pompeii doco on SBS was given an ‘M’ rating for a few shots of not particularly clear or graphic 2,000 year old frescos! The English version of the narration was odd though with the constant use of the word ‘chariot’ to describe any horse drawn vehicle-a chariot has the driver and any passengers standing in it-if you’re sitting in it, not a chariot…

  2. Nine must be disappointed The Summit didn’t build much during the season. I would expected the finale to hit 500k but it failed to reach that height and barely beat Masterchef in 25-54’s while losing in 16-39 and 18-49.

    Spotlight continues to do well out of Seven News. Big exclusive don’t hurt. Sad the Prince Andrew stuff did about as good as 60 Mins.

  3. I just wanted to say that Seven dominating in the News and Public affairs department is testament to the brains trust known as Craig McPherson and Mark Lllewellyn. Both have proven to deliver the goods on an uncountable number of occasions for both Seven and Nine. Both deserve a bountiful amount of praise.

      1. maxxdude, a viewer is a viewer and in such a tough climate, a viewer tuning in should be celebrated. The Seven News brand starting with Sunrise at 5:30am right through until The Latest is clobbering the opposition.

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