Dancing with the Stars holds off Warnie challenge

Ballroom fever on Seven outplays mixed reaction for Nine bio drama. MasterChef still strong in the demos.

A second episode of Dancing with the Stars managed to hold off tough competition last night, topping entertainment at 645,000 metro viewers -impressively, just 2,000 less than its launch last weekend.

Mixed online reviews for Warnie saw it draw 528,000 in a 7pm timeslot, well down on an Underbelly: Vanishing Act by way of Sunday drama comparisons for Nine, whch was 719,000 last year when it followed MAFS.

Meanwhile from 7:30pm were MasterChef Australia (480,000 and still strong in the demos) and Grand Designs Revisited (377,000).

60 Minutes (357,000) outranked 7News Spotlight (305,000), Silent Witness (297,000) and FBI (185,000).

Seven led in primary shares but Nine Network won Sunday with 31.5% then Seven 29.5%, 10 16.9%, ABC 14.1% and SBS 8.0%.

Nine News (839,000) was best for Nine with a late edition at 268,000.

Seven News was #1 at 940,000. The Latest was 195,000.

The Sunday Project drew 297,000 / 198,000 for 10. 10 News First was 197,000 / 158,000. NCIS: Hawaii was 111,000.

ABC News pulled 550,000. Compass (173,000) and The Messenger (90,000) followed.

SBS World News was up at 192,000 / 114,000 then Queens of Ancient Egypt (95,000 across three episodes) and Patagonia (52,000).

Bluey topped multichannels at 159,000.

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

Silent Witness: 627,000
Parental Guidance: 703,000
MasterChef Australia:  741,000
Ashes Series: 1.06m
Insiders: 547,000
Dancing with the Stars:  1.14m
FBI: 306,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 25 June 2023.

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  1. The Project stabilising and doing well in Melbourne. It gets a lot of flack but ratings are not much below 7 spotlight and 60 Minutes. Really starting to enjoy it as it’s not as noisy now that Carrie and Pete have gone. Loving the quietness.

    1. Stabilising? Like a sinking ship? The Project and 10 News ratings are woeful. If I was running that ship (sinking?) I would be asking a lot of questions and getting ready episodes of “anything else I could get my hands on”. How much longer can 10 just accept these figures? Hardly anyone is watching.

        1. The Project is awesome. Often 10s highest rating show. People seem to love to hate the show. My point is that other big name shows like 7 spotlight and 60 minutes are not rating much more but does not get the same flack that The project gets. All shows are down in this day and age and ratings like this are the new normal.

  2. I am another one who watched DWTS and enjoyed it but against my better judgement I had a look at Warnie during the commercial breaks. I don’t like to rubbish Australian shows as I love seeing all the many people in employment but what I saw was pretty laughable. I would love to know what the Waugh twins thought of their portrayal.

  3. I try and get my head around the rating stats. If younger people don’t watch TV, and 10 wins the demo’s or thereto that just leaves the 55 plus to get the likes of DWTS and Warnie higher ratings than MC. Can someone explain if lm wrong??

    1. You’ll find out that there are way more of us over 55 watching but we don’t interest the advertisers (except funeral insurance). That’s why there isn’t an over 55 demo breakdown. I’m out of step though, I watch 10 more than the others.

      1. Well, I must be out of step too as, at 79, I watched 10 from 7pm last night. Will be on 10 from 4:30 to 5:30 and 7:30-9:40 again tonight (finding 10’s ‘comedy specials’ puerile and unfunny). Advertisers are only interested in ‘Overnights’ that carried their commercials. ‘Network’ and ‘Catch-Up’ numbers must be for bragging rights only, and for advertisers to see how many viewers didn’t watch my commercials last night.

  4. I have found myself pleasantly surprised by how much I am enjoying DWTS this season. After enjoying the original 20 years ago I gave up when Daryl was replaced by Daniel and I was reluctant to return after the network change and format change. All stars bored me. But this year, the casting seems to be way more impressive with just the right mix of stars from different fields. It’s fun watching them have fun and I love the mix of new judges with old. Daryl is showing his age with far less energy than before but he does a good job and Sonia’s banter with Todd is a joy to watch. The jokes/sexual innuendo may seem lame to some but it’s a refreshing change from most of the heavy competition reality drama/sensationalism you see on most commercial tv networks in primetime. Bravo to Seven for reviving the format and giving it another go. If I recall correctly the future of the show was up in the air and Seven never announced it at upfront last year. Now it’s one of their biggest hits again

    1. “Sonia’s banter with Todd is a joy to watch.” It may be intended as light hearted and said in jest, but also makes me worry that the ongoing banter sometimes seems degrading. In other workplaces could be misconstrued in my opinion.

  5. DWTS almost doubles its overnight audience in total tv figures? Not a show I would assume people would rush to watch on catchup. Great numbers nonetheless.

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