Gruen… where’s Russel?

Gruen's devoted ad man will be back soon to ABC panel show.

Week 2 of Gruen will not be including Russel Howcroft again, who is understood to be overseas at present.

The return of the show coincided with a break in radio surveys. Howcroft co-hosts 3AW Breakfast in Melbourne and last week was broadcasting from London.

On this week’s show Wil Anderson is joined by Todd Sampson, Camey O’Keefe, Emily Taylor and Carolyn Miller.

Howcroft remains part of the team and is expected to return. His absence also gives the show a chance to add new talking heads to the panel.

Nick Hayden, ABC Head of Entertainment, recently spoke about bringing more diversity to ABC’s legacy panel shows.

He said, “…if you look at Gruen it’s three white men, but that isn’t going to change. …. but you will see that every other point in the casting of that show, or with a show like Spicks & Specks, diversity is front of mind.”

8:30pm Wednesday on ABC.

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  1. I don’t miss Russel and would be happy of they replaced him with Dee Madigan. And I used to like Todd Samson but he’s such a know-it-all mansplainer maybe they could replace him as well.

  2. …if you look at Gruen it’s three white men, but that isn’t going to change… sounds funny written down. Sorry to say but no real loss without Russell. The revolving guests have always been much more insightful and less babbling

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