Returning: Gruen

Wil Anderson, Todd Sampon, Russel Howcroft and Dee Madigan return to ABC from mid May.

Season 16 of Gruen with Wil Anderson, Todd Sampon, Russel Howcroft and Dee Madigan will screen on ABC from mid May.

The whole world has gone ad. Brands have made their way into our homes, onto our wrists, on our screens, on our second screens, and on the third screen we look at because our attention span has been destroyed by the first two screens.

We’re walking the streets under the influence of influencers, we’re targeted by marketing and we’re slowly transforming into brands ourselves. We’re living in an ad, ad, ad, world. But wait – like all good advertising spiels, we’ve come up with an angle, and now we’re going to sell you on a solution: Gruen is returning for a record-breaking 16th season.*

Australia’s most beloved (and only) show about advertising, is back and broadcasting to your television, laptop, phone, tablet, watch, and portable headset. Wil Anderson is joined by television’s best panel of advertising experts including Russel Howcroft, Todd Sampson, Dee Madigan, Karen Ferry, Christina Aventi, Camey O’Keefe and many more. Like and subscribe to be the first to receive exclusive bonus panellists.**

Members of the Gruen Loyalty Program will be rewarded with a new season featuring a hilarious and deeply unsettling look into the world of advertising. By watching, you can rack up exclusive Gruen Points™ that will not lower your fuel costs, won’t give you access to exclusive offers, and definitely won’t unlock any bonus features. But it will show you how we’re all being manipulated by the world of marketing, or your money back.

Gruen, the multi-award winning, multi-award losing, multi-award snubbed, multigrudge holding tenement to truth, is coming back to your ABC TV, ABC iview, and in fifteen second snippets illegally downloaded by a bot-farm and uploaded to TikTok to play alongside a video of someone cutting up a bar of soap for some reason because that’s the only way we can make a generation whose brains have been completely fried by social media pay attention now.

* The record: Most seasons of Gruen produced.
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*** We don’t have a mailing list.

8:30pm Wednesday May 15 on ABC.

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  1. I’m now quite disillusioned by a couple of these marketers on the show. I suppose it takes a panel of marketers that are willing to stretch the truth and fulfil bias in marketing campaigns and vested interests to hold tenement to truth.

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