Is Warrior Nun getting a third season?

Showrunner gives fans good news over cancelled show, but the details remain unclear.

Fans of Warrior Nun were ecstatic when creator Simon Barry tweeted on social media that the cancelled fantasy show was set to return.

But the details are not yet forthcoming.

EW reports Netflix has confirmed it is not renewing the show, leaving questions unanswered about just where a third season will land.

No other platform has yet stated its intent to pick up the series. Representatives for Barry did not immediately respond to EW’s request for clarification, and Barry himself has not posted any follow-up tweets.

But it is possible a new deal is still being finalised. Fans can hardly wait…

The first season of Warrior Nun premiered on Netflix in 2020, and season 2 followed last November.

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  1. This is a curious surprise if true, it does remind me of Netflix’s Lucifer which got a conclusive ending allegedly due to the lobbying by Lucifer fans. Personally I cant see why Netflix couldn’t have continued with another season of the Warrior Nun, it does include diversity which is supposedly one of Netflix’s production edicts, and also fills a superhero / fantasy genre gap lost when Marvel was snatched back by Disney. I cant see Disney+ being interested in the Warrior Nun, so maybe the only other contender will be Prime Video.
    The Warrior Nun did have a canon that could be made to last for some time with the right screenplay writers.

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